Everything to Know About Renting a Carpet Cleaner at Publix

Publix storefront

Short Answer

Publix rents out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners starting at about $30 for a 24-hour rental period. This price doesn’t include the necessary carpet cleaning solution that needs to be purchased separately. To rent a carpet cleaner at Publix, you’ll need to show a valid photo ID and pay upfront.

Publix Carpet Cleaner Rental Policy

Publix rents out Rug Doctor carpet cleaners, a Publix corporate customer service representative said.

We confirmed this information by contacting several Publix store locations.

Carpet cleaner models and availability vary by location. To find out about available models — including steam cleaners — contact your nearest Publix.


Carpet cleaner rental fees at Publix start at about $30 for a 24-hour rental period, Publix store associates and a Rug Doctor customer service representative said.

You can rent a Rug Doctor carpet cleaner for as many days as you want in 24-hour increments.

To rent a Rug Doctor at Publix, you’ll need to show a valid photo ID and pay upfront. There are no other requirements.

Cleaning Solution

To use the machine, you’ll need to purchase a carpet cleaning solution. Publix store associates said the store sells a variety of Rug Doctor-brand solutions, often located next to the carpet cleaners.

Publix also sells other brands of carpet cleaning solutions located in the store’s cleaning aisle. Other brands can be half the price of Rug Doctor-brand products, store associates said.

You can use any brand solution as long as it says it’s safe to use in a carpet-cleaning machine. This information should be listed on the bottle.

Returning the Machine

Once you’re done with the carpet cleaner, you’ll need to clean it before returning it to Publix. This includes emptying and rinsing the water tank and wiping the machine down.

If you don’t clean the Rug Doctor before you return it, Publix will charge you a cleaning fee. This fee varies by store location.

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