QFC Money Orders: Fees, Hours, Limits, etc Shown

Yellow logo sign on the outside of a QFC store

Short Answer

Most QFC locations sell Western Union money orders for a fee of 88 cents per money order up to $500. QFC does not cash money orders. We outline the details of the QFC money order policy below.

QFC Money Orders

QFC sells money orders at most locations but does not cash them. We contacted QFC locations in Portland and throughout the Seattle area. Almost all of them sold Western Union money orders; however, none of the QFC locations we contacted would cash a money order of any type. (For alternatives, see list of places that do cash money orders.)

Money Order Purchase Fees and Limits

Each store we contacted charges the same fee: 88 cents per money order up to $500. If you need an amount greater than $500, you will have to purchase multiple money orders.

Payment Options for QFC Money Orders

All of the QFC locations we spoke with allow you to buy a money order using cash or a debit card. If you use a debit card, the card must have a PIN. If paying in cash, be sure to bring enough money to cover both the money order amount and the purchase fee.

ID Requirements for Money Order Purchases

QFC doesn’t have a uniform policy regarding identification. Some locations we spoke to said they do not require ID, while others only require ID for individuals purchasing $3,000 or more in money orders. It’s best to contact your local QFC to find out its ID policy.

Money Order Hours at QFC

In order to buy a money order, you will need to visit the customer service area. Exactly when you can buy a money order varies from store to store. Some locations told us that they could sell money orders as early as 8 a.m., while others don’t offer money services until 11:30 a.m. A few of the QFC stores we contacted stop selling money orders at 6:30 p.m., but others continue until 8 p.m. It’s best to contact your local QFC to find out when you can buy a money order there.


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