Radiator Flush Cost at Walmart

Walmart storefront

Walmart Auto Care Centers do not offer radiator and coolant system flush services, a Walmart corporate customer service representative said.

We contacted Walmart Auto Care Centers in Arkansas, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, and Ohio to confirm this information; none of the centers we contacted offer this service.

DIY Radiator Flush

The store associates we contacted did tell us that Walmart sells radiator flush kits and fluids online and in stores if you want to do the service yourself.

Advance Auto Parts offers an instructional resource on how to flush a radiator and change the coolant. Its experts state that this service is a “good project for new DIY-ers.”

Keep in mind, however, that antifreeze and other coolants are toxic and should be kept away from children and pets.

Places That Offer Radiator Flush Services

There are several nationwide auto service stores and repair centers that offer radiator flush services.

A few of these include:

More Information

While they do not offer radiator and coolant system flush services, Walmart Auto Care Centers do offer other services.

Our related research has more information about Walmart’s battery installation, oil change, and tire services.

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