Ralphs’ Dry Ice Availability and Average Dry Ice Prices Explained

Ralphs grocery stores consider dry ice a “specialty” item and do not regularly stock dry ice. To find out if your local Ralphs has dry ice available, contact the store directly. For more information on dry ice pricing and availability, see below.

Ralphs’ Dry Ice Availability

Ralphs grocery stores may occasionally stock dry ice, but they do not regularly carry the “specialty” item, a corporate customer service representative said. Ralphs grocery stores are primarily located in Southern California, so we contacted several store locations — in La Canada, Calif., Pasadena, Calif., and San Diego, Calif. — to find out if they sell dry ice. All of the stores we contacted did not have dry ice available as of press time.

However, store associates recommended contacting your nearest Ralphs for the most up-to-date information. For reference, grocery stores typically sell dry ice for about $1.50 per pound.

Frozen carbon dioxide, also known as dry ice, is sometimes used to ship perishable items or for special effects since it produces a fog as it melts. Dry ice should be handled with caution; for more on the hazards of dry ice, see our related article. And, for additional store information, see our articles on where to buy dry ice and dry ice availability at Publix and Costco.