Ralphs Money Orders via Western Union: Fees, Limits, and More

Sign above the front entrance of a Ralphs grocery store

Short Answer — All Ralphs stores sell Western Union money orders. A limited number of locations also cash them, but the money order must have been purchased from the same Ralphs store. The maximum amount is $500 per money order, and the fee to buy one is between $0.69 and $1.25. You must pay with cash.

Ralphs Money Order Policy

Ralphs sells Western Union brand money orders at its customer service desk. The fee can range anywhere from $0.69 to $1.25, depending on the location, and is lowest if you have a Shopper’s Card.

The customer service desk’s hours are typically shorter than the store’s hours. At the Ralphs locations we called, money orders were available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

You can purchase a single money order for as much as $500. An ID is not required, but you must pay in cash.

There’s no limit to how many money orders you can buy, but if you plan to purchase more than $5,000 in money orders, you will need to present a valid ID, provide your Social Security number, and fill out a form that asks for your general contact information.

Tax ID numbers (TINs) are not accepted in lieu of an SSN.

You can compare your options in our comprehensive list of stores that sell money orders.

Does Ralphs Cash Money Orders?

A few Ralphs will cash money orders, but the money orders must have been purchased from the same Ralphs location. Where available, there is no fee for cashing a money order.

If your local Ralphs does not offer this service, our article lists other places where you can cash a money order.

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