Ralphs’ Return Policy: Limits, Requirements Explained

Ralphs grocery stores accept returns or exchanges on most items. For more on Ralphs’ return policy, see below.

Ralphs’ Return Policy Explained

Ralphs, a subsidiary of Kroger, allows returns and exchanges on most items with or without a receipt. Ralphs’ quality guarantee allows for a “replacement or refund” if you’re not “delighted” with your purchase. The quality guarantee does not give a specific time limit for returns or exchanges. To learn more about Ralphs’ return policy, we contacted multiple Ralphs grocery stores in Southern California.

During our research, we asked about unopened prepackaged items, opened prepackaged items, produce, and alcohol (unopened and opened). We also asked about returns up to three weeks after the date of purchase. Ralphs store associates said all of these items could be returned or exchanged, with a few conditions:

  • If you don’t have a receipt, you can make an exchange — but not a return.
  • Alcohol sales can only be exchanged for another alcohol purchase.

To make a return or exchange, bring the item, packaging, and your receipt to the customer service counter at your nearest Ralphs. You can exchange the item or you may be issued a refund or store credit.