Finding rebuilt title cars for sale is possibly the smartest way a person can purchase a car. Cars with rebuilt or salvaged titles often go for about 50% less than a ‘clean’ title car. It’s not because these cars are necessarily inferior in any way. They just have a low value because banks typically don’t like to finance cars with rebuilt titles. Thus, if you plan to pay cash or find the right banker, finding rebuilt title cars for sale is very smart. In this post you’ll find the best ways, both online and offline, to purchase a car with a rebuilt title.


To buy a rebuilt title car from eBay, you have to navigate to eBay Motors: where you will find auto listings.

If you plan to rebuild a salvage car yourself, you can look for the parts under Parts and Accessories menu of the page as well. eBay really does have everything you need.

If you are familiar with the market prices of such cars, you can use the advanced search option by putting the price range. Once you get the sellers’ list, you can take time to carefully view their reputation and feedback left by the customers and decide. eBay is nice in that you can get a feel of the trustworthiness of the seller.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies do not directly sell rebuilt cars to the buyers; they send them in auctions or to local junk yards. But still, it is possible to buy a salvage vehicle indirectly from an insurance company.

In case you know any rebuilt vehicle of your choice, owned by an insurance company, you can ask the company about buying how to track down the vehicle. If they sent it to any auctions, then it is little complicated as in many auctions a common buyer does not get access. To buy a wrecked car at one of these auctions, you’ll typically need a dealer’s license. Find a friend who can buy the car your behalf.

If the insurance company had the car sent to a junk yard, you can contact the junk yard authority and buy the car and even the required other parts from them to make it a rebuilt title car. However, if a car goes to a junk yard, it’s probably down for the count.

Websites Which Specialize in Selling Salvage and Rebuilt Title Cars

You can save your considerable time by searching the repairable auto salvage pool websites. Top 3 such websites are:

  • ProSalvage – On this website, buyers and sellers of rebuilt cars come together. The website allows you to track down your desired make and model quite easily.
  • SalvageAuto – This site is useful not only for rebuilt title cars but also for motorcycles, farming equipment and more. A user gets access to the nationwide pool of rebuilt cars and the buyers can directly contact the sellers.


Let’s touch back on the subject of auctions. In the US, one rebuilt car auction takes place every day. Insurance Auto Auction is a leading body conducting these auctions. On the website of IAAI, you will find schedules of auctions held in different locations around the US.

Alternatively, you can take part in various online auctions by visiting the online auction websites like co-part, getwwa, argo-cycles. Don’t forget to check Craigslist and the local newspapers for notifications of auto auctions as well.

Auto Dealers (Online and Offline)

Another good option is to buy rebuilt cars from auto dealers. Some car dealers specifically deal with this type of cars; others sell both new and rebuilt cars. You can find such car dealers online. On their website, you will find details, pictures and the costs of each rebuilt car. Some of the useful websites are:

You can also search for these dealers in the offline sources like car magazines and the yellow pages.

Local Newspaper

Local newspapers are the best offline source for finding rebuilt cars. You will find plenty of such cars available at various prices and all of them nearby. You can just call and finalize everything. Most of the sellers negotiate and sell at a price much less than what is advertised. You can make one or multiple visits to inspect the car before you finally buy. This is very handy so you won’t run into any surprises as you may if you buy online.

Websites of Junk Yards

Junk yards or salvage yards are a great source of car parts to rebuild a car. You can find your desired model of rebuilt title car by visiting sites like SalvageYard. Alternatively search for your nearby junk yard by putting your location in this online directory: Auto-Salvage-Yards Directory.

In Summary

Finding rebuilt title cars for sale can be easy when using the resources on this list. Decide which method of buying you prefer. Some people are happy enough browsing Craigslist. Others get a dealer’s license so they can buy wrecked cars from the auto auctions. The choice is yours.