REI Return Policy Without Receipt Policy

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Short Answer

REI requires a receipt to process returns in stores and by mail. If you do not have your receipt but are an REI member or made your purchase online, you may be able to look it up.

REI Return Policy Without Receipt

REI will not process a return without a receipt in stores or by mail, corporate customer service representatives said.

To verify the use of this policy in stores, we contacted REI locations in Alabama, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, and Washington. All of the associates we spoke to confirm that you cannot make REI returns without receipts.

According to its standard return policy, REI accepts returns within one year of purchase — except for electronics, which have a 90-day window, and used items, which you must return within 30 days.

All returns must have a receipt, or REI will refuse them, including shoes (as previously reported).

If you meet all of the requirements for return, REI will issue a refund to your original payment method. “Garage Sale As Is” items are final sale and are ineligible for return at REI.

Receipt Lookup

If you made your purchase online or you are an REI member, a customer service associate may be able to locate your receipt.

You will need to provide all of the following information:

  • Your order number
  • Name of member
  • Member number
  • Address of member
  • Member phone number
  • Member email address
  • Date of purchase
  • Location of purchase
  • Purchase price

The associate will also ask the reason for the return.

If you are mailing in your return without a receipt, you will need to include all of the above information as well as write a brief description of why you want to return the item. If you cannot provide complete information, REI may refuse your return.

Gift Returns

REI will process gift returns without a gift receipt as long as you provide both the purchaser’s information and the following information:

  • Name of the gift recipient (Note: If you mail in your return, make sure to clearly mark that your return is a gift recipient refund.)
  • The gift recipient’s member number (if applicable)
  • Gift recipient’s address
  • Gift recipient’s phone number
  • Gift recipient’s email address

For in-store returns, the gift recipient will receive a refund at the time of return. When you return gifts by mail, REI will issue your refund as a paper check to the gift recipient’s name and address. If your gift recipient refund information is unclear or incomplete, the original purchaser will receive a refund.

Item Condition

REI accepts new, used, and defective returns in any condition as long as they are clean. If you have your receipt or REI can locate it, you will receive a full refund to the original purchase method.

Once you purchase a new REI item and use it, REI will not resell it as a new product but can resell the item as used gear.

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