Rent-A-Center Damage Policy: Claims and Coverage Explained

Rent-A-Center store with delivery truck standing in front of it

Rent-A-Center’s policy on damaged items calls on the store manager to assess each individual claim. If you are an RAC Benefits Plus member, you may be able to get a replacement item. For more on Rent-A-Center’s damage policy, see below.

Rent-A-Center Damage Policy

Rent-A-Center’s damage policy is based on an assessment of the damage by a store manager, according to our communication with the company. A store manager can also help you file a damage claim.

Damage by natural disaster or fire may be covered through RAC Benefits Plus, the company’s limited liability damage coverage — that is, if your account is paid up to date.

RAC Benefits Plus membership is often bundled with your rental agreement. Limited liability coverage or a limited damage waiver is legally required for leases in many states. However, if you stop paying for it at any point during the rental period, the rental items will no longer be protected.

RAC Benefits Plus has a range of benefits, including medical and retail discounts. Benefits vary by state; choose your state from the drop-down menu on the Benefits page to find which benefits are available to you. If your item is replaced through RAC Benefits Plus, your rental agreement will continue as planned.

Rent-A-Center is a rent-to-own furniture, appliance, and electronics retailer. Contact a Rent-A-Center near you or call Rent-A-Center’s customer service at (800) 422-8186 for more information.

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