Where Does RockAuto Ship From? RockAuto Warehouse Locations Listed

Short Answer: RockAuto doesn’t disclose its warehouse locations, but customers report shipments from warehouses in California, Florida, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. RockAuto ships from a combination of its own warehouses and third-party distribution centers. For more details of RockAuto’s shipping practices, see below.

Where Does RockAuto Ship From?

RockAuto doesn’t provide the locations of the warehouses its products ship from to the public, and it doesn’t notify customers about where their items will ship from before or at the time of purchase.[1]

RockAuto sometimes ships from its own warehouses, but it also often ships directly from the manufacturers of certain auto parts.[2] Some RockAuto customers have shared the locations from which their parts were shipped, as disclosed on the shipping documents. These include warehouses in:

  • Azusa, CA
  • San Bernardino, CA
  • Miami, FL
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Bronx, NY
  • Hempstead, NY
  • Marietta, OH
  • Sugarland, TX
  • West Valley City, UT

It is unclear whether these locations are RockAuto’s own warehouses or third-party manufacturers’ distribution centers; as noted above, RockAuto ships from a combination of the two.

We also attempted to contact the RockAuto corporate headquarters, but a prerecorded message stated that it does not offer customer service by phone. RockAuto advertises that it keeps the prices of its parts low by remaining a strictly online company and avoiding the overhead costs of maintaining store locations.[3] Our article explains more details about RockAuto’s shipping options and costs.

Where Does RockAuto Ship To?

While RockAuto’s warehouses and manufacturers seem to ship mostly from the United States, the company will ship parts anywhere in the world.[4] This includes Army Post Office (APO) addresses and PO boxes. For most destinations, both economy and expedited shipping options are available.