Roof Truss Prices & Cost Factors Explained (Steel & Wood)

Roof truss during the construction of a house

A roof is more than just a cover to a building. Roof structures have to support the weight of the roof and things such as rain or snow that add to it.

Not only that, but the roof structure provides lateral support for the walls of the building.

Among the most cost-efficient choices for framing a roof is roof trusses.

Steel or wood trusses are built off-site and brought to the construction location to create the roof frame.

Roof trusses are strong and quick to install, and they typically cost less than traditional framing methods.

Below, we provide the key information you need about buying roof trusses: roof truss prices, cost factors, and where to get them.

Cost Factors

The following factors impact the cost of roof trusses:

Truss Type

Roof trusses can be designed in several shapes to suit your needs.

The shape or type of truss that you choose will affect the price. Common shapes include:

Fink Trusses

The least expensive type, a Fink truss (also known as a common truss) forms a “W” shape within the basic triangle of the roof formation.

These trusses are lightweight, making installation quicker and easier than other types, reducing labor and equipment costs.

Attic Trusses

Attic trusses allow for living space in the very top level of the structure; they use upright support beams spaced at a distance away from the center.

This requires larger timbers, making it heavier and more difficult to install, as well as more costly.

Custom Styles

Roof frames can be custom-designed to suit the needs of your project. The more customization you do, the more expensive your project will be.

Alternative styles include vault, gambrel, and Polynesian trusses.[1]


You’ll have the option to purchase timber (wood) or steel trusses.

Steel trusses are more expensive — usually costing about twice as much[2] — but last longer than wood frames because they’re resistant to weather and insect damage.


The design of your project will impact the cost of your roof trusses.

Steeper roofs tend to be more expensive. More material is necessary to support a steep truss, meaning the material cost will be higher.

Simpler shapes will be less expensive. For example, features like attic trusses will increase the overall price of your roof, while a simple and streamlined roof made of Fink trusses will be more cost-effective.


You may be able to buy used trusses at a lower cost than new trusses.

Of course, due to the limited supply, relying on used trusses for a building project will reduce your options for the design of the structure.

If you prefer maximum flexibility or if you have an unusual or complex design for the intended structure, you’re likely better off having trusses custom-made.

Used trusses are typically available through local businesses or individual sellers.

Buying used trusses from a company rather than an individual offers an extra level of protection; companies usually guarantee that the trusses are still in a safe condition to use.

The people or companies selling used trusses will typically only service a small area. To find a company that sells used trusses near you, search online for “used trusses for sale [your town]” to see what options are available.

Truss vs. Conventional Framing

Truss framing is more cost-effective than conventional roof framing, where the roof is created on-site using loose timber.

Prefabricated trusses require less material and labor, so the cost is usually 30% to 50% less than conventional on-site building.

Since they’re quicker to install, there’s also less risk of the roof being damaged by weather during the construction process.[3]

Roof Truss Prices

As noted above, the price of new trusses will vary based on size and style.

The number of trusses needed for a particular structure will vary based on the size of the building.

Below are example prices for trusses of different lengths (spans), styles, and roof pitches. We compiled these prices by gathering quotes from several national and local roof truss suppliers.

You can design your own trusses on the Menards website for a better idea of what your particular project might cost.

Wood Fink Truss

  • 4/12 pitch, 8’ to 10’ span: $36 to $52 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 10’ to 14’ span: $55 to $70 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 16′ to 30′ span: $70 to $240 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 32′ to 40′ span: $175 to $250 each
  • 6/12 pitch, 26’ to 28′ span: Around $180 each

Wood End Truss

  • 4/12 pitch, 12’ to 14’ span: $70 to $75 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 14’ to 18′ span: $70 to $115 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 20’ to 30′ span: $100 to $160 each
  • 4/12 pitch, 32′ to 40′ span: $175 to $310 each
  • 6/12 pitch, 26’ to 30′ span: $160 to $220 each

Steel Truss

  • 20′ to 28′ span: $275 to $325 each
  • 30′ to 36′ span: $330 to $420 each
  • 38′ to 40′ span: $425 to $440 each

Of course, those are just the prices for the trusses themselves; there are also labor, equipment, material, and scrap disposal costs to consider.

These are general figures that will change according to the supplier you choose, but this breakdown should help to give you an overall idea of the start-to-finish cost of roof trusses.

Where to Get Trusses

You can buy trusses directly from a manufacturer or from a home improvement store. We list your best options below.


Manufacturers of trusses typically have a team of builders and engineers to design trusses that fit your exact needs.

Roof trusses must be of a precise design and size to support your building. Reputable manufacturers like the ones on this list have the expertise to assist in this process.

Here are a few major manufacturers of trusses in the USA:

A-1 Roof Trusses logo

A-1 Roof Trusses

  • Available materials: Wood and steel
  • Service area: Southeastern USA
  • Find out more

Midwest Manufacturing logo

Midwest Manufacturing

  • Available materials: Wood only
  • Service area: Central and Northern USA
  • Find out more

Reliable Truss logo

Reliable Truss and Components (a division of National Lumber)

  • Available materials: Wood and steel
  • Service area: New England
  • Find out more

Stark Truss logo

Stark Truss

  • Available materials: Wood and steel
  • Service area: Central and Eastern USA
  • Find out more

TAF logo

Truss Aluminium Factory

  • Available materials: Steel only
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Find out more

UFP Industries logo

Universal Forest Products

  • Available materials: Wood only
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Find out more


Trusses are sometimes sold at large hardware stores. We’ve listed a few nationwide stores to help you in your search.

Inventory will vary by location, so it’s best to contact your local store directly to find out what it offers.

The Home Depot logo

The Home Depot

  • Available materials: Vary by location; usually metal and wood
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Find a store

Lowes logo


  • Available materials: Vary by location; usually metal and wood
  • Locations: Nationwide
  • Find a store

Menards logo


  • Available materials: Wood only
  • Locations: Central and Northern USA
  • Find a store

Tip: For the best price at Menards, you may want to try to wait for the next 11% off sale.


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