Roof Wrap Cost Information for Carbon Fiber, Gloss Black, etc (DIY or Pro)

Roof wrapping has become a popular way to instantly update the look of your vehicle. While some owners use vehicle wrap to hide the worn or damaged paint on the roof of their car, others use it to give their vehicle an updated look.

Here’s the roof wrap cost information in a hut shell: Wrapping your car’s roof will cost between $45 and $55 if you do it yourself, or about $250 for a professional job.

Here’s what else you need to know about wrapping your roof, including a breakdown of costs and information on doing the job yourself.

Roof Wrap Options

There are three major vinyl wrap options that are popular for roofs: gloss, matte, and carbon fiber. Each is available in a wide variety of colors (even custom), and some may have images or graphics printed on them. Purple carbon fiber, anyone?

Note: If your paint is oxidized and rough, vinyl wrap won’t adhere well to it and you’ll have to paint instead. Unfortunately, vinyl wrapping to cover worn paint isn’t an option. However, you may choose to complete a cheap rattle can or brush DIY paint job to smooth the surface first, then apply vinyl over that. Learn more through our article, Cheap Car Paint Options.

Here’s a breakdown of the types of roof wraps and their costs:


  • What it is: Vinyl wrap with a smooth, glossy sheen
  • Cost per square foot: $1.50 – $3.50 on Amazon


  • What it is: Vinyl wrap with a dull, soft finish, rather than a gloss
  • Cost per square foot: $2 – $3 on Amazon

Carbon Fiber

  • What it is: Very thin, durable, and flexible textured vinyl wrap available in a range of finishes.
  • Cost per square foot: $3 – $5 on Amazon


  • What it is: A type of carbon fiber car wrap that comes with pre-printed graphics, with lots of style options.
  • Cost: $4 – $5 on Amazon

The Cost of DIY Roof Wrapping

Wrapping an entire car can be challenging, but do-it-yourself (DIY) roof wrapping is comparatively easy. The total cost of DIY roof wrapping is between $45 and $55 for solid color wraps, or $85 and $95 for wraps with pre-printed graphics.

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The materials you’ll need to wrap your car’s roof include:

  • Cleaner and rags
  • Vinyl wrap: around $30 – $40 (and up) on Amazon
  • Squeegee for vinyl wrap application: $5 on Amazon
  • Utility knife: $10 on Amazon

Here’s a helpful YouTube video that shows you how to install a roof wrap, step by step:

The Cost of Professional Roof Wrapping

Professional car roof wrapping costs around $250, though it can cost a bit more depending on the type and design of the wrap. We obtained this average cost by contacting several auto body paint shops and viewing auto body websites.

This price tag includes materials such as the vinyl wrap, which can cost $2 to $7 per square foot, with carbon fiber wraps that include graphics or images costing the most. Other factors include labor and conveniences, such as picking up or dropping off your vehicle.

Professional car wrap installers typically use a few specialized tools like heat guns and air release tools to ensure a perfectly smooth, durable, and long-lasting vinyl wrap installation.

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Roof Wrapping vs. Painting

Since vinyl car wraps have become more popular, the cost of professional car wrapping is now neck-in-neck with that of professional paint jobs. Both full car vinyl wrapping and professional car painting starts at around $2,500 and can go higher than $6,000.

You can learn more about car wrapping vs. car painting through our article, Car Wrap Cost vs. Paint Job Cost.

However, vinyl wraps have an advantage in that you can wrap part of your vehicle instead of the whole thing and still achieve a great look. With vehicle painting, you typically need to have the entire car painted instead of just the worn or damaged part.

So if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your roof without changing the rest of the car, vinyl wrapping tends to be the easier and more economical choice.

In Summary

And that’s what a roof wrap costs. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, car roof wrapping allows you to enhance the look of your vehicle and cover worn or oxidized paint. DIY roof wrapping can cost as little as $45, while professional roof wrapping costs an average of $250.

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