Rooms To Go Mattress Return Policy Explained (Online & In Stores)

Exterior of a Rooms To Go showroom

Short Answer

The Rooms To Go mattress return policy differs for showroom and online purchases. You cannot return a mattress purchased from a Rooms To Go showroom, but you may be able to cancel the sale before delivery. You can return a mattress you purchased online within 48 hours of delivery.

Rooms To Go Mattress Return Policy

Rooms To Go does not allow in-store mattress returns, but if you buy a mattress online, you have 48 hours once the mattress is delivered to initiate a return.[1]

There are no exceptions to the mattress return policy — no special holiday returns or extended member returns, and no returns outside the specified time frame.[2]

We called the Rooms To Go corporate customer service department and showroom locations in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee to find out more about the company’s return policy. All showroom locations we spoke with confirmed they adhere to the corporate policy.

Canceling a Showroom Mattress Order

Rooms To Go does not allow returns for mattresses sold in the showroom. However, if you change your mind about the purchase, you do have the option to cancel the order within 48 hours of the purchase date, and you will receive a full refund.

You will receive an 80% refund if you cancel the order after 48 hours but before delivery.[1]

Note that if you chose Express or Next Day Delivery at the time of purchase, you will not be able to cancel or return the mattress.

Additionally, once any showroom mattress has been delivered, you cannot cancel the purchase or return it.[2]

Online Return Process

If your online mattress purchase does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 48 hours of delivery. However, your delivery costs will not be refunded.

Your mattress return may also incur a restocking fee, which will equal your original delivery charge.[2]

For specific return instructions, you will need to contact Rooms To Go Internet Sales Support at (888) 709-5380 between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. EST Monday through Saturday, or 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST on Sundays.[3]

You must provide your order number, and the representative will advise you of any receipts or documents that you need to return with your mattress, as well as your restocking fee.

Your mattress return must be in new, original condition. Rooms To Go doesn’t offer free return shipping — you’re responsible for paying the shipping company when you send the mattress back.

Your refund may take up to 10 business days to process once the mattress arrives back at Rooms To Go, and it will be credited back to the card you used for the original purchase.[4][2]

Keep in mind that you can cancel your online mattress order until it is loaded onto the truck for delivery (about three days prior to the delivery date). Once the mattress is on the delivery truck, if you no longer want it, you will have to return it.[2]

Warranty Coverage

If there is an issue with your new mattress, it may be covered under warranty and eligible for repair or replacement.

Mattresses from Rooms To Go come with a limited warranty based on the style and manufacturer — each product’s warranty coverage and period will vary, but typical warranties last one year.[5] You must properly care for and maintain your new mattress to preserve the warranty.


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