Safeway Senior Discount Day (+ Other Grocers With Senior Discounts)

Short Answer: It depends on your location. Some Safeway stores may offer a senior discount day, and others do not. For more information on Safeway senior discounts and other ways to save, see below.

Is There a Safeway Senior Discount Day?

According to Safeway corporate representatives, store discounts are regionally determined and often vary in terms of exact discount and frequency. We also contacted Safeway stores in Idaho, California, Virginia, and Maryland. None of the locations we contacted offered senior discounts. The best way to check when and if your local store offers senior discounts is to check your weekly ad or contact your local Safeway to inquire.

Other Ways to Save at Safeway

Safeway’s free loyalty program, just for U, allows shoppers to earn points redeemable for discounts on groceries and gas, along with digital coupons, special deals, and free items. Safeway also offers coupons in your local store’s weekly ad, which you can view online after selecting your location.

Similar Grocery Stores That Have Senior Discounts

In case there is no Safeway senior discount day at your local Safeway, here are stores that do offer senior discounts.

Fred Meyer

  • Age to qualify: 55+
  • Discount offered: 10%
  • When: First Tuesday of every month
  • Where: All stores (Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska)
  • Visit a Fred Meyer



  • Age to qualify: 60+
  • Discount offered: 5%
  • When: Wednesdays
  • Where: Locations in Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia
  • Visit a Publix

Stores That May Have Senior Discounts

Some grocery chains leave it up to each store location to determine what discounts (if any) to offer seniors. You will need to check with your local store to learn about their senior discounts.




For other stores with senior savings, see our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

Grocery Stores That Do Not Have a Senior Discount

Finally, here is a list of stores that do not offer senior discounts, though some do have other discounts and promotions that can rival senior discounts, and others attempt to keep their prices low all of the time.

  • ALDI
  • Food Lion
  • Giant Eagle
  • H-E-B
  • Raley’s
  • Save A Lot
  • Trader Joe’s
  • WinCo


  • What about Kroger stores like Fry’s? In Northern Arizona, Fry’s offers the 10% Senior Discount the first Wednesday of each month.

    • Kathleen Wilson says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for catching this! It looks like Kroger offered a senior discount up until this July; the discount has since been discontinued. Fry’s still offers the 10% discount like you said — we’ve added it to our list!

      The article has been updated to reflect this information.