Sam’s Club Mattress Return Policy: Time Limit, Requirements, etc Detailed

Short Answer: Sam’s Club offers refunds and replacements for mattresses, but it does not physically accept mattresses back. There is no time limit for mattress returns, but as part of Sam’s Club’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, store managers reserve the right to refuse returns that they view as an abuse of the privilege. To make a return in stores or online, you’ll need to remove the “Do Not Remove” tags from the mattress and return them with the original receipt. For more information on the Sam’s Club mattress return policy, see below.

Sam’s Club Mattress Return Policy

You can’t physically return a mattress to Sam’s Club, but you can receive a full refund or replacement any time after the purchase with your original receipt and tags from the mattress. Mattresses fall under Sam’s Club’s standard 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.[1]

We were told that online and in-store mattress purchases can be refunded at any Sam’s Club U.S. location. However, mattresses purchased in stores can’t be returned online. You are responsible for disposing of the mattress, yourself.[1]

We called Sam’s Club locations in California, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin to verify the mattress return specifics; all the stores we spoke with abide by the corporate policy. The return policy is the same at Sam’s throughout the holiday season, and it is the same for all Sam’s Club members.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Sam’s Club advertises a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to its members, which states that if you are not completely satisfied with products purchased from Sam’s Club, in most cases, the company will provide a refund or replacement (with several exceptions).

There is no set time frame or expiration for this guarantee, but mattresses that are excessively old may not be eligible for a refund. Representatives told us that store managers have the ability to deny returns if they suspect fraud or abuse of the return privilege.[2]

Mattress Refunds

If you choose to complete your return at a store, your refund will be immediate. Online returns take up to seven days to process. All returns will be refunded to the original method of payment shown on your receipt.[3] When making in-store returns, note that you’ll need to bring the card with you if your purchase was made with a debit or credit card.

No-Receipt Returns

While Sam’s Club prefers that you have the receipt to make returns, the company will still do its best to complete returns without a receipt.[3] Returns without the receipt will be refunded on a Sam’s Club shopping card.

A customer service associate may be able to look up your receipt if it has been less than two years since your purchase, but there is no guarantee. If you purchased the mattress online, you should be able to sign in to your online account to access your purchase information and print a receipt copy.

In-Store Mattress Return Process

You can bring an in-store mattress return to the customer service desk during regular store hours. Simply remove the “Do Not Remove” tags from the mattress and return them to the customer service desk with the original receipt. (Keep in mind that you do not need to bring back the mattress.) You may also be asked to provide your membership card and photo ID.

Online Mattress Return Process

Mattresses purchased online can be returned online or in stores. Sam’s Club gives prepaid return labels for online order returns when you initiate your return via your online account. You can use the label to mail back any receipts or documents that Sam’s Club may request to process your online mattress return; you will not send back the mattress.[4]

Note that though you do not need to ship the mattress back, the original shipping and delivery charges are only refunded if there was an error by Sam’s Club, or the mattress was damaged during shipping.[3]

Return Tracking and Limitations

Sam’s Club may track returns and ban customers that try to commit fraud or make too many returns within a short period. There is no set number of returns you can make within a set time period, but tracking and banning are at the discretion of the local store.[2]

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