65 Scentsy Business Names/Website Names/VIP Group Names

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Scentsy Independent Consultants can name their own businesses, website URLs, theme parties, and VIP groups.

Choosing a creative name can help you build relationships with customers and boost sales. However, Scentsy has specific policies about naming your business.

Regardless of whether you have a personal Scentsy website, an external website, or a Facebook group, the guidelines are the same.

Keep the following rules in mind when naming your Scentsy business:[1][2]

  • You can’t use the word “Scentsy,” Scentsy’s trademarks, or specific product names; names should be unique. Contact accounts[email protected] if you have questions about naming your URL.
  • External websites can’t name your state or country — or abbreviations of these places — unless you use other words in addition to the location. For example, you should not use “NewMexico.scentsy.us,” but “SophieNewMexico.scentsy.us” would be acceptable.
  • The name can’t be too similar to anything used by Scentsy’s corporate office.
  • Website names must differ from Scentsy team names.
  • Names can’t contain rude, misleading, or offensive language.

In addition to following Scenty’s naming rules, there are also some best practices to keep in mind when naming your Scentsy business. Consider the following tips:

  • Your business name and website URL do not have to match, but it is easier for customers to recall them if they do.
  • Try to avoid using double letters. People might have a hard time recalling if the name has one letter “s” or two.
  • Stay away from unconventional spelling. Misspellings will make it harder for people to find your business.
  • Don’t use dashes, dots, or numbers. It is easy to transpose or omit numbers and other symbols accidentally.
  • Stay away from names that require explaining.
  • While it is possible to change your Scentsy business name or URL, it may be a tedious process if you already have business cards, labels, stamps, and have an online presence under your current name and URL.

After you establish your business, see our related tips for naming your Scentsy party.

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Scentsy Business/Website Names

As noted above, while Scentsy does not require that your business name and website URL match, matching them will make it easier for customers to remember and find your business.

Any of the ideas listed below will also work for your business URL (e.g., “JoyfulScents.scentsy.us”).

  1. Aromas All Around
  2. Best Scents Ever
  3. Charming Fragrances
  4. Classic Fragrance Favorites
  5. Comfy Scents
  6. Emporium of Scents
  7. Favorite Fragrances
  8. Flameless and Fragrant
  9. Flameless Fragrances
  10. Fragrance Fiesta
  11. Get Your Scents
  12. Home Scents
  13. Joyful Scents
  14. Make Mine Melted
  15. Melt With [Your Name]
  16. Melt Your Scents
  17. My Wickless World
  18. Perfumed Plug-Ins
  19. Pleasant Scents
  20. Pro Scents
  21. Savoring Scents
  22. Scents Alive
  23. Scent Bouquet
  24. Scented Memories
  25. Scents by [Your Name]
  26. Scents Make Sense
  27. Scents of Happiness
  28. Seasonal Fragrances
  29. Shop For Scents
  30. Sparkling Flameless
  31. Statement Scents
  32. The Scent Factory
  33. The Scent Spot
  34. Warm and Wickless
  35. Wax Wonders
  36. Wax World
  37. Wickless Forever
  38. Wickless Picks
  39. Wickless Wax
  40. Wickless Wonders
  41. Wonderful Whiffs
  42. Your Favorite Fragrance
  43. [Your Name]’s Scents
  44. [Your Name]’s Wax Works

Scentsy VIP Group Names

A popular way to grow your Scentsy business is to create a VIP group on Facebook. Interested friends, family, and potential customers can request to join, and you can approve them.

A VIP group allows you to advertise your parties and events and engage with those interested in purchasing Scentsy products from you.

The group name is not as permanent as your website’s name, and you can choose what to post and advertise, so it is an opportunity to market for a specific purpose (such as parties, seasons, or types of products).

Making the name personal to you or your area is another way to foster good relationships with potential customers, especially those who already know you.

You must follow Scentsy’s naming guidelines as outlined above, but the company does permit you to use “Independent Scentsy Consultant” in your social media alias/group name.[2]

We list several Scentsy VIP group name ideas below.

  1. All Things Scents by [Your Name]
  2. Best Scents by [Your Name]
  3. Best Scents Club or [Your Name]’s Best Scents Club
  4. Scents Around [Your Town/Area]
  5. Scents of [Current Season]
  6. Scent-A-Holics or [Your Town/Area Scent-A-Holics]
  7. Scent Lovers of [Your Town]
  8. Talkin’ Scents or Talkin’ Scents With [Your Name]
  9. [Your Name] — Independent Scentsy Consultant — VIP Group
  10. [Your Name]’s Favorite Fragrances
  11. [Your Name]’s Flameless Fragrance Fanatics
  12. [Your Name]’s Fragrance Followers
  13. [Your Name]’s Got Scents
  14. [Your Name]’s Home Aroma Group
  15. [Your Name]’s Scents VIP Group
  16. [Your Name]’s Seasonal Scents
  17. [Your Name]’s Scent Events
  18. [Your Name]’s Scent Picks
  19. [Your Name]’s Scents in [Your Town/Area]
  20. [Your Name]’s VIPs
  21. [Your Name]’s VIP Scent Parties

In addition to any of the names listed above, you can use your Scentsy business name or a variation of it for your VIP group. This allows you to maintain a connection across all of your advertising platforms.

Adding your name (e.g., Statement Scents as your business name and [Your Name]’s Statement Scents as your VIP group name) can create a personal touch and help customers feel that they are truly part of an exclusive group.

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