Where to Sell a Broken TV for Cash (+ How to Recycle TVs)

Due to the difficulty of recycling modern televisions, many companies that once recycled old TVs will not accept them, or will only take them for a fee. However, there are still some options if you’re hoping to sell or recycle your TV. Below we’ve compiled a list of places where you can sell your broken TV for cash, and where you can recycle it for free if you’re not able to sell it.

What We Recommend

We put eBay and Facebook Marketplace at the top of our list. eBay is probably where you’ll get the best price for your TV, and Facebook Marketplace is a good option if you’re looking for convenience.

Where to Sell Your Broken TV for Cash

In comparing these places, we took into account where you are likely to get the best price and which options are the most convenient for sellers. We’ve ordered the list beginning with the best options.


To sell your broken TV on eBay, you must register for an account and create a listing with specific details about your TV (condition, model, etc.). The site will suggest an auction price for you, based on similar items for sale. If you don’t believe your TV will go for much, select “local pick up only” so that you don’t have to spend part of your earnings on shipping.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling and buying items on Facebook is super simple, especially for those who frequent the app anyway. Just click “Marketplace” on the left of your news feed, then select “Sell Something.” From there you can enter specific information such as price, your location, and the condition of your TV. Just add a few photos and you’re ready to post. View your post again later by clicking “Selling” in the top left corner of the Marketplace page.

TV Repair Shops

Many TV repair shops will give you cash for your broken TV. It may be worth it to call your local shop and ask if they purchase broken TVs.


To avoid shipping costs, you can sell your broken TV locally via Craigslist. Post your ad by selecting your city, then clicking “Create a Posting” in the top left corner.

How to Recycle Your TV for Free

If none of the options above work for you, below we have listed several options for recycling your TV without having to pay a company to take it.

MRM E-Cycling Management

MRM partners with several electronics brands. This partnership allows you to recycle your broken TVs at various locations across the U.S. They also have a mailback program in partnership with UPS, so you can print a free shipping label and drop your TV off at any UPS drop-off location if you can’t get to one of their recycling locations.

LG Drop-Off Sites

As a part of their conservation efforts, LG will recycle LG branded electronics including LG, Zenith, and Goldstar. Just take your broken TV to one of these authorized LG drop-off spots. The company also partners with ERI so that you can mail in your broken TV for recycling through the LG Mailback Program.

Samsung Recycling Program

Samsung televisions can be recycled at locations across the country.¬†Although the Samsung Recycling program is a free service, local fees may apply. Samsung also has a mailback program for shipping your used TV if you’re far from a recycling location.

Dell Reconnect

Dell partners with Goodwill in Dell Reconnect, which allows you to recycle any brand of electronics at Goodwill stores. Many types of electronics are accepted, but TVs are only accepted at some locations. Contact a Dell Reconnect location near you to find out if your store will accept your TV.


  • Hello, I have an old tv with the projector, rather large, is there a company that will pick up?

    • Laura Bachmann says:
      First Quarter Finance logostaff

      Hi Sylvia,

      If you want someone to pick up your old TV it won’t be free. Best Buy has a haul away service you can use. It’s about $100 to have appliances picked up. Many places that sell TVs (or other furniture) will pick up your old appliances for a nominal fee when they deliver a new appliance you bought from them. If you happen to also be looking to buy a replacement for the old TV, I’d recommend seeing if the store you buy a new one from will pick up your old one.