Where to Sell a Broken TV for Cash (+ How to Recycle TVs)

Man pointing remote at broken TV with distorted screen

Due to the difficulty of recycling modern televisions, many companies that once recycled old TVs will not accept them or will only take them for a fee. However, there are still some options if you’re hoping to sell or recycle your TV. Below, we explain where to go.

What We Recommend

We place eBay and Facebook Marketplace at the top of our list.

eBay is where you’re most likely to get the best price for your TV.

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient option to post your TV with no listing fees, connect with local buyers, and customize your payment and pickup or drop-off options.

The List

In comparing these places, we considered where you’re likely to get the best price and which options are the most convenient for sellers.

We’ve ordered the list beginning with the best options.


To sell your broken TV on eBay, you must register for an account and create a listing with specific details about your TV (condition, model, etc.). The site will suggest an auction price for you based on similar items for sale. You can select “local pickup only” so you don’t have to spend part of your earnings on shipping or offer shipping to reach a wider number of buyers.

Facebook Marketplace

To sell your TV on Facebook, visit the Marketplace section, then select “Create New Listing.” From there, you can enter specific information such as price, your location, and the condition of your TV. Add a few photos, and you’re ready to post your ad. Potential buyers will message you directly to negotiate the final price and pickup.


To avoid shipping costs, you can sell your broken TV locally via Craigslist. Select your city and then choose “Create a Posting” in the top left corner to post your ad.

TV Repair Shops

Many TV repair shops will give you cash for your broken TV; they may be able to refurbish the TV and sell it. Search for “TV repair near me” and then contact local shops to find out if they purchase broken TVs.

How to Recycle Your TV for Free

If none of the options above work for you, several companies will recycle your TV for free:


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  • Sylvia

    Hello, I have an old tv with the projector, rather large, is there a company that will pick up?

    • First Quarter Finance logo
      First Quarter Finance | Laura Bachmann

      Hi Sylvia,

      If you want someone to pick up your old TV it won’t be free. Best Buy has a haul away service you can use. It’s about $100 to have appliances picked up. Many places that sell TVs (or other furniture) will pick up your old appliances for a nominal fee when they deliver a new appliance you bought from them. If you happen to also be looking to buy a replacement for the old TV, I’d recommend seeing if the store you buy a new one from will pick up your old one.

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