Where to Sell Gift Cards for Cash (Plastic or Electronic)

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Short Answer

You can receive 50% to 60% of a physical gift card’s value in cash at Check Into Cash. You’ll need a driver’s license, and gift cards must have a balance of at least $10. If there isn’t a Check Into Cash near you, your best option is to return the gift card or sell it online.

Where to Sell Gift Cards for Cash

It can be hard to find a place that offers cash for unwanted gift cards in addition to the option for electronic payment.

Check Into Cash is the only national option we found where you can sell gift cards for cash.

Take your driver’s license and gift cards with at least $10 on them to your local Check Into Cash and walk out with 50% to 60% of the card’s value in cash.[1][2]

Note that Check Into Cash only accepts physical gift cards. eGift cards will not be accepted.[2]

First-time customers can cash out on gift cards up to $100. Following this initial exchange, there is no maximum amount when trading gift cards for cash.[2]

Other Ways to Get Money for Gift Cards

You may be able to return unused or partially used gift cards to the original retailer. Policies for this vary — for more information, see our article about gift card return policies by store and state.

Additionally, more and more companies are turning to online selling methods for eGift and physical gift cards. You can get online offers and mail in physical cards for payment.

If you have eGift cards to sell or you don’t need payment in cash, we list the places that buy gift cards, both in-store and online, and gift card buyers with other types of payouts.

We also detail your options for getting cash from an American Express gift card or Visa gift card, plus how to consolidate low-value gift cards.

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