Can You Sell The Home Depot’s Store Credit for Cash? Answered

Home Depot sign

Store credit issued by The Home Depot is non-transferable and tied to the customer’s photo ID, a corporate customer service representative said. That means you cannot sell Home Depot store credit for cash. We confirmed this information with store associates at Home Depot locations in Michigan, Tennessee, and Washington.

Store credit or a merchandise return card is not the same as a Home Depot gift card. Store credit is issued when you return an item and are not able to receive the refund to your original payment method — like in the instance of a return without a receipt. While Home Depot gift cards can be used to make purchases in-store and online, store credit is only valid for in-store purchases (not including gift card purchases).

To use your Home Depot store credit, you’ll need to show a valid government-issued photo ID at checkout. The Home Depot has implemented this policy to prevent return fraud, customer service representatives said.

Home Depot gift cards can be sold or traded; see our article for the list of places where you can sell gift cards.

A Word of Caution About Selling/Buying Store Credit

During our research, we were able to identify several gift card exchanges services that said they accept merchandise return cards, including those from The Home Depot. And, you can find Home Depot store credit for sale on peer-to-peer marketplaces like Craigslist and letgo. However, if were to sell your store credit to an individual or gift card exchange and the person who purchases it is unable to use it, you may be faced with a dispute.

Online gift card exchanges can hold you liable for the amount it paid you, plus any fees associated with buying and selling the card, if the card is found to be unusable or fraudulent. Companies often keep your personal information on file for this reason.

Also, keep in mind that if you purchase a Home Depot merchandise return card on a third-party website, you may not be able to use it to make a purchase.


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