7 Semi Truck Leasing Programs: No Credit Check Required

Leasing or owning a tractor-trailer is a dream of many truck drivers; if you have bad credit, getting approved can prove challenging. However, several carriers now offer lease and lease-to-purchase options for semis that don’t require a credit check. We have the list of carriers below that offer semitruck leasing programs, no credit check required, including ATS and Contract Transport Services.

What to Know Before You Lease a Semitruck

Before you lease a semitruck, you may want to compare carriers and leasing companies to find the best option for you (see our list below). You can talk to other drivers and read testimonials and reviews online to get a sense of what you can expect from each company.

Once you find a carrier, you should run the numbers and make a detailed (and realistic) budget to ensure that the lease makes financial sense. Of course, you’ll need to include common costs like your lease payment, fuel, maintenance, licensing, and permits. In addition to the lease payment, check with the carrier to see if it expects you to make a down payment, get your own insurance, contribute to a maintenance fund, pay for excess mileage, or cover other costs. You should also consider things like health insurance (if you’ll be operating independently), administrative expenses (like filing your own taxes), cellular service, workman’s compensation insurance, legal fees, and weight tickets. Calculating and running all the numbers will help you get a sense of whether or not you’ll be able to meet your income goals through a lease program.

Also, be sure to read the fine print before signing any contract. Check for things like mileage limits, whether your lease has a “walk away” policy, and under what conditions you’ll be able to access repair money.

Semitruck Leasing Programs: No Credit Check Required

The following semitruck leasing programs do not require a credit check. If you’re okay with a credit check, you might also want to look into Lone Mountain Truck Leasing. The company will work with you even if you have less-than-perfect credit. For details, see our article on Lone Mountain Truck Leasing’s requirements.

ATS (Anderson Trucking Service)

  • Lease terms: One-year lease-purchase program on select vehicles. No money down. Must sign on as an owner-operator with ATS. Payments start at $325 per week.
  • Credit check required? No
  • Other helpful information: ATS has an average rating of 3.5 out of 5 on employee review sites like Indeed and Glassdoor.
  • Apply with ATS online or call (800) 343-8787
  • Source: ATS Lease Purchase

CAG Truck Capital

Contract Transport Services

LRM Leasing

Perry Funding

  • Lease terms: 10 to 15% security deposit required for leases; 25 to 50% down payment required for purchases. Financing available up to $400,000. Repayment terms up to 48 months. Purchase option available at the end of your lease.
  • Credit check required? No
  • Other helpful information: Perry Funding has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, but it is not accredited.
  • To apply with Perry Funding, call (301) 791-0707
  • Source: Perry Funding Truck Financing

SFI Trucks and Financing

Trust Alliance Capital

In Summary

If you’re hoping to lease or own a semi but your credit history isn’t fantastic, bad credit, no credit semitruck leasing is available. You may be able to get a lease through one of the seven carriers listed above offering semitruck leasing, no credit check required. Just make sure you do your research and budgeting before signing on the dotted line.

Interested in other ways to move forward your career as a driver? See our articles on large trucking companies that offer company-paid CDL training and where to lease-purchase a semi-truck with bad credit.

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