10 Best Senior Checking Accounts

There are several factors to consider when choosing a bank account as a senior citizen. While most banks now have digital banking options and some banks operate entirely online, you may prefer a bank with the convenience of physical branches. As someone who might be retired and living on a fixed income, you may also be looking for an account that earns interest and makes your money work for you.

The best accounts allow you to access your account the way you wish, avoid excessive fees and minimum balance requirements, and efficiently handle your finances. You’ll also likely want a bank with good customer support and security measures to protect against things like fraud and financial exploitation.[1] Below, we list the best banks and accounts for seniors, including information about other services and benefits each bank offers.

What We Recommend

For a bank that offers nationwide branch locations, fee waivers for seniors, free and discounted checks, and several protections against fraud, we recommend U.S. Bank’s Easy Checking account. Similarly, Chase Bank has locations across the U.S., and its Total Checking account often comes with a generous signup bonus and allows direct deposit for Social Security checks.

If you don’t mind using a bank with limited locations, TD Bank’s interest-earning 60 Plus Checking account offers free checks, money orders, and paper statements. Another good option designed with seniors in mind is the Truist (formerly BB&T) Senior Checking account, which allows customers to make one early CD withdrawal for medical emergencies.

If low fees and earning interest are your main priorities, you may want to consider a bank that operates mostly or entirely online — these banks have lower overhead costs, which translate into benefits for customers.

Comparison Table

Use the table below for a quick comparison of the banks with the best checking accounts for seniors, then click any account or scroll for more details. Note that you can also sort the table using the arrows at the top of any column.

Account Benefits for Seniors Fee-free? Deposit Required? APY
Capital One 360 Checking 50 free checks, high-earning savings accounts, free overdraft coverage Yes No 0.10%
TD Bank 60 Plus Checking Free checks, money orders, and paper statements; personal loan discounts; investment and estate planning resources No No 0.03%
Consumers Credit Union Rewards Checking ATM fee reimbursement, online banking, unlimited check writing, retirement and estate planning resources Yes Yes; $5 2% to 4% (if you meet certain qualifications)
U.S. Bank Easy Checking Overdraft protection discounts, preferred loan rates, free and discounted checks, online banking, trust and estate services No Yes; $25 None
Truist Senior Checking One early CD withdrawal for medical emergencies, free checks, retirement and investment services No Yes; $100 None
Discover Cashback Debit Free standard checks and bank checks, free debit card replacement, free ATM withdrawals Yes No None (earn 1% cash back on debit card purchases)
Axos Golden Checking Free personal checks, ATM fee reimbursements, high-yield savings accounts Yes Yes; $50 0.20%
Chase Total Checking Mobile deposits, Social Security check deposit, estate planning services, signup bonuses No No None
Huntington Asterisk-Free Checking 24-hour overdraft grace period, free monthly statements, free access to Premier Savings Account, signup bonuses No No None
Citizens Bank Platinum Checking Fee waivers for savings account customers 65 and older, free and discounted check options, wealth management resources No Yes (no minimum amount) 0.02%

The List

Our list is ranked beginning with the overall best options. In ranking the list, we considered the banks with the most accessible physical branches and lowest fees, as well as the most convenient and hassle-free online banking options.

1. U.S. Bank Easy Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[2]
  • Fee-free? No
    • $6.95 monthly maintenance fee (waived if you are at least 65 years old; if under 65, you can waive the fee with combined monthly direct deposits of at least $1,000 or with an average account balance of at least $1,500)[3]
    • $2 monthly paper statement fee unless you enroll in e-statements or are at least 65 years old[2]
  • Deposit required? Yes; $25[2]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[2]
  • Earns interest? No[3]
  • Security measures:
    • Risk-free guarantee that protects against fraud losses from unauthorized account use[4]
    • Email and/or text message security alerts[4]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Overdraft protection transfer discount, preferred rates for loans, online banking, mobile check deposit[5]
    • Trust and estate services[6]
    • Free box of U.S. Bank logo checks and discounts on other personal checks for customers 65 and older[7]
  • Apply online or find a branch

2. Chase Total Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[8]
  • Fee-free? No
    • $12 monthly service fee (waived if you have combined direct deposits of $500 or more, your balance at the beginning of each day is at least $1,500 in this account, or your balance at the beginning of each day is $5,000 in this account and all linked qualifying deposits/investments)[8]
    • $2.50 fee for out-of-network ATM transactions[9]
  • Deposit required? No[8]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[8]
  • Earns interest? No[8]
  • Security measures:
    • Multiple authentication checks[10]
    • Fraud monitoring[10]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Mobile deposits[8]
    • Social Security check direct deposit[8]
    • Estate planning services[11]
    • Signup bonus (as previously reported)
  • Apply online or find a branch

3. TD Bank 60 Plus Checking

  • Minimum age: 60[12]
  • Fee-free? No
    • $10 monthly maintenance fee (waived if daily balance is over $250)[12]
    • $3 fee for out-of-network ATM transactions[13]
  • Deposit required? No[12]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[12]
  • Earns interest? Yes; 0.03% APY with a daily minimum balance of at least $0.01[12]
  • Security measures:
    • 24/7 online account access and customer service support[12]
    • Online security commitment[14]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Discounts for home equity and personal loans with the checking account[12]
    • Free checks, money orders, and paper statements[12]
    • Investment services[15]
    • Estate planning resources[16]
  • Apply online or find a branch

4. Truist Senior Checking (formerly BB&T)

  • Minimum age: 55[17]
  • Fee-free? No
    • $10 monthly maintenance fee (waived if you have $500 combined direct deposits or $1,000 average checking balance monthly)[17]
    • $3 fee for out-of-network ATM transactions[18]
  • Deposit required? Yes; $100[17]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[17]
  • Earns interest? No[18]
  • Security measures:
    • Fraud reporting[17]
    • Email and/or text alerts for account activity[17]
    • Unlimited automatic account information if you call BB&T Phone24 at (800) 226-5228[17]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • One no-penalty early CD withdrawal for medical emergencies, free basic checks, online banking availability[17]
    • Retirement planning and investment services[19]
  • Apply online or find a branch

5. Citizens Bank Platinum Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[20]
  • Fee-free? No
    • $25 monthly fee (waived if combined monthly balance in deposit and investment accounts is at least $25,000)[20]
    • First four out-of-network ATM transactions per month are free; $3 thereafter[21]
  • Deposit required? Yes, but no minimum amount[20]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[20]
  • Earns interest? Yes; 0.02% APY[20]
  • Security measures:
    • 24/7 fraud monitoring[22]
    • Zero liability protection for debit cards[22]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Fee waivers for savings account for customers 65 and older[23]
    • Free exclusive design checks and 50% off personalized checks[21]
    • Wealth management resources[24]
  • Apply online or find a branch

6. Capital One 360 Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[25]
  • Fee-free? Yes[25]
  • Deposit required? No[25]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[25]
  • Earns interest? Yes; 0.10% APY[25]
  • Security measures:
    • 24/7 mobile banking and debit card controls[25]
    • FDIC insurance[25]
    • Fraud coverage[25]
    • Easily accessible customer service[26]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Access to fee-free, high-earning savings accounts[27]
    • 50 free checks[28]
    • Free overdraft coverage options[28]
  • Apply online or find a branch (Capital One has limited branch locations.)

7. Consumers Credit Union Rewards Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable, but you must be a Consumers Credit Union member (which requires a $5 membership fee)[29]
  • Fee-free? Yes[30]
  • Deposit required? Yes; $5[30]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[30]
  • Earns interest? Yes; about 2% to 4% if you meet certain qualifications[30]
  • Security measures:
    • Fraud monitoring and automated fraud alerts[31]
    • Multi-factor authentication[31]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Unlimited reimbursement for all ATM fees, online banking, unlimited check writing[30]
    • Resources for retirement and estate planning[32]
  • Apply online or find a branch (Consumers Credit Union has physical locations in Michigan only.)

8. Huntington Asterisk-Free Checking

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[33]
  • Fee-free? Mostly — no maintenance fees, but there is a $3 fee for out-of-network ATM transactions[34]
  • Deposit required? No[33]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[33]
  • Earns interest? No[33]
  • Security measures: Real-time account alerts[35]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • 24-hour grace period for overdrafts[33]
    • Free monthly statements[33]
    • No fees or minimum balance to open a Premier Savings Account when you already have a checking account[33]
    • Signup bonus (as previously reported)
  • Apply online or find a branch

9. Discover Cashback Debit

  • Minimum age: Not applicable[36]
  • Fee-free? Yes[36]
  • Deposit required? No[36]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[36]
  • Earns interest? No, but you earn 1% cash back on debit card purchases (up to $3,000 per month)[36]
  • Security measures:
    • $0 liability protection for unauthorized transactions[37]
    • Fraud monitoring[37]
    • Maximum FDIC insurance[37]
    • Dedicated Fraud Unit[37]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Free standard checks and bank checks[36]
    • Free debit card replacement[36]
    • Free ATM withdrawals[36]
  • Apply online (Discover does not have any physical bank branches.)

10. Axos Golden Checking

  • Minimum age: 55[38]
  • Fee-free? Yes[39]
  • Deposit required? Yes; $50[39]
  • Minimum balance requirements: None[39]
  • Earns interest? Yes; 0.20% APY on all balances[39]
  • Security measures:
    • Two-step biometric identification[39]
    • Account monitoring alerts[39]
  • Other benefits for seniors:
    • Free personal checks[39]
    • $8 monthly ATM fee reimbursements[39]
    • High-yield savings accounts[40]
  • Apply online (Axos Bank operates entirely online)

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