What Happens If You Get Caught Stealing From Sephora? Answered

Short Answer: Anyone caught stealing from Sephora is first apprehended by Sephora loss prevention agents. The store will then contact law enforcement officials and the shoplifter will be prosecuted — no matter the dollar amount of the attempted theft. Below, you’ll find more details of Sephora shoplifting rules and loss prevention protocol.

What Happens If You Get Caught Stealing From Sephora?

Sephora’s loss prevention protocol is not made available to the public. So, we contacted Sephora’s corporate customer service department and Sephora stores in Arizona, New York, and Virginia to find out how the beauty store chain handles shoplifting. We also found a list of duties and responsibilities for Sephora loss prevention agents through theĀ Sephora careers website.

What we found is that Sephora employs loss prevention agents whose job it is to protect stores from shoplifters. Loss prevention agents conduct surveillance by engaging with customers and watching for shoplifting attempts. They also utilize CCTV cameras to monitor for potential theft.

While all Sephora employees are trained to interact with customers and identify suspicious behavior, loss prevention agents are the only ones who are allowed to confront and apprehend suspected shoplifters. This is for the employees’ safety. Sephora’s loss prevention agents also work to build cases against repeat offenders who have not yet been apprehended.


Anyone caught stealing from Sephora will be prosecuted. That means shoplifters will be prosecuted for attempting to steal a small item worth a few dollars or multiple items worth hundreds of dollars. The value of the attempted theft will affect the level of the crime (e.g., a misdemeanor or a felony), but this is based on state law — not store policy.

Once a shoplifter is apprehended by a Sephora loss prevention agent, local law enforcement officials will be contacted. If the shoplifter is a minor, law enforcement will contact his or her parents or guardians. The shoplifter may or may not be arrested depending on the laws in the state of the incident.

Store Communication

Sephora store associates told us that employees maintain strong communication between stores regarding incidents of shoplifting. This includes sharing photos and identifying information. Anyone caught stealing at Sephora will be entered into the chain’s computer system and banned from shopping at Sephora.

When we contacted Sephora locations inside JCPenney stores, we found that employees working in the Sephora area are JCPenney employees and adhere to JCPenney’s loss prevention policy and shoplifting rules.

More Information

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