Does Sheetz Take Apple Pay? Sheetz Payment Options Explained

Sheetz storefront

Sheetz takes Apple Pay at many but not all of its locations. About 75% of the stores we contacted take it. Sheetz accepts familiar forms of payment such as cash, credit cards, and debit cards at all of its stores, as well as other virtual payment methods at select stores. For more information on the Sheetz Apple Pay policy, see below.

Sheetz Apple Pay Policy

Sheetz takes Apple Pay at many of its stores, a corporate customer service representative said. The company policy states that all Apple Pay transactions must take place inside the store at the register, the representative told us. Alternative areas to pay, such as at the gas pump, are not yet Apple Pay compatible.

In addition to the corporate customer service department, we contacted stores in North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, among others to confirm the availability of Apple Pay. Several of the store representatives we talked to told us that their stores could not yet accept Apple Pay, but about three-quarters of the stores we contacted do take it. For the most current information about your local store, call a Sheetz near you to verify whether it can process Apple Pay.

All Sheetz stores accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and personal checks. In addition to Apple Pay, some stores have begun accepting Google Pay, PayPal, and other methods of virtual payment.

Sheetz is a convenience store and gas station chain with locations throughout several states in the eastern U.S. If your local Sheetz doesn’t take Apple Pay, check out our list of gas stations that take Apple Pay.

In Summary

While Sheetz does accept Apple Pay at many of its stores, there are still some locations that are not Apple Pay compatible. It is best to give your local Sheetz a call to determine the payment methods it accepts. If your local Sheetz does take Apple Pay, you will need to pay inside the store at the register.


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