8 Sites Like Poshmark & Tradesy (How They are Similar/Different)

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Do you have a closet full of like-new clothes that you’d like to turn into a little — or a lot of — extra cash?

Poshmark and Tradesy are among the most popular sites that provide sellers an opportunity to turn gently used designer clothes, shoes, and accessories into cash.

But other online businesses use a similar sales or consignment model, and you just might want to check them out.

We’ve compiled the list of places to sell your gently worn clothing and accessories below.

What is Poshmark? What is Tradesy?

Poshmark and Tradesy are online consignment marketplaces where you can buy and sell high-quality designer women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, handbags, and wedding items — including wedding dresses.

To buy or sell on Poshmark or Tradesy, you’ll need to create a free account on the company’s website.

When you list an item on Poshmark or Tradesy, the website handles the transaction — for a fee.

On Poshmark, for sales under $15, the company keeps a flat rate of $2.95. For sales over $15, the seller keeps 80% of the sale price and Poshmark retains 20%.

On Tradesy, for items sold for less than $50, you’ll have to pay a fee of $7.50 per item. If you sell something for $50 or more, the commission fee is 19.8%.

When you sell something, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label to send the item to the buyer. Poshmark and Tradesy handle any returns and refunds.

Here is a little more information on Poshmark and Tradesy:

Poshmark logo


  • Types of items sold: High-end, name-brand clothing, purses, makeup, and shoes
  • Fees for buyers: Free to join; buyer pays flat-rate USPS shipping
  • Fees for sellers: For sales under $15, Poshmark keeps a flat rate of $2.95. For sales over $15, the seller keeps 80% and Poshmark retains 20%.
  • Listing style: It takes 60 seconds to upload an item to sell; listings last indefinitely until purchased. Poshmark recommends sharing and joining Posh Parties so more people will see your listing.
  • How shipping is handled: Once an item sells, Poshmark provides a prepaid, pre-addressed label for the seller to print. Items can be dropped off at a USPS location or even picked up from a home address by USPS. The buyer pays for shipping.
  • Refund policy: Buyers can receive refunds for products that never arrive or are not as described
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Note: See our dedicated research for tips on maximizing your Poshmark earnings.

Tradesy logo


  • Types of items sold: Designer women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and wedding items
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Tradesy deducts a flat fee of $7.50 for items sold under $50. On items sold for $50 or more, Tradesy will deduct a commission rate of 19.8%. An additional 2.9% will be charged to transfer that money to Paypal, a debit card, or bank account. This extra fee will not be charged if the earnings are spent on Tradesy.
  • Listing style: List in under 60 seconds. Buyers purchase items directly from the seller through the website.
  • How shipping is handled: Free shipping kits are available for sellers after an item is sold (except for wedding items)
  • Refund policy: Free returns for buyers (except for items labeled final sale). Sellers do not send items until purchased.
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Sites Like Poshmark and Tradesy

You’ll notice that companies can pay sellers upfront or on consignment.

Upfront payments are pretty straightforward — if the business accepts an item, the seller receives payment on the spot.

With consignment, the company lists an item on its website and only pays the seller when/if the item sells.

It’s important to understand how and when you’ll see your money, so be sure you know how companies handle payouts before you send anything away.

Crossroads logo

1. Crossroads

  • Types of items sold: Trendy, name-brand clothing and accessories for men and women
  • Fees for buyers: No fees for buyers; must purchase items in person
  • Fees for sellers: Sellers bring items to a Crossroads location or request a pre-paid shipping bag to send items to a Crossroads store. Crossroads pays sellers 30% cash or 50% trade credit of the store price.
  • Listing style: Crossroads purchases items from sellers upfront and takes care of selling all the items at in-person locations. The seller does not have to deal with any part of the sale after Crossroads buys the items. 
  • How shipping is handled: Sellers can request a prepaid shipping bag, which is sent to the seller’s house. The seller then fills the bag and sends it back to Crossroads, where the items will be evaluated for resale. Crossroads will send a check for the items it purchases.
  • Refund policy: Buyers makes purchases in-store and can return directly to the store, in accordance with standard policies. Sellers who send in items that are not used for resale can have the items shipped back to them for a fee, or have Crossroads donate the items to charity.
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Grailed logo

2. Grailed

  • Types of items sold: Designer men’s clothing and accessories
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Free to list; Grailed takes a 6% commission when an item sells, plus applicable PayPal fees. Discounted rates are available for sellers who sell several items and contact Grailed about a fee reduction.
  • Listing style: Auction-style listings, where a buyer makes an offer to the seller. The seller can accept multiple offers from different buyers, so buyers must act fast and pay quickly to claim the item. The buyer that has an accepted offer and pays first is the winner of the auction.
  • How shipping is handled: Sellers choose the shipping rate, which is described clearly on the listing page. Sellers ship the item themselves after the buyer pays for the item.
  • Refund policy: All transactions are conducted through PayPal, which guarantees protection for both buyers and sellers. Grailed has a zero tolerance fraud policy, and users who do not follow the rules are promptly banned.
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Material World logo

3. Material World

  • Types of items sold: Designer women’s clothing, shoes, handbags, and accessories (excellent condition and styles within five years); Material World also sells new items
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Material World makes an offer on items, which the seller can choose to accept or reject. If an offer is not accepted, the item will be shipped back to the seller for free.
  • Listing style: Material World purchases items from sellers upfront and lists them on its website for resale
  • How shipping is handled: Shipping is paid by Material World. Sellers request a free trade-in kit to send in items.
  • Refund policy: Buyers can return items like any other online retailer because items are purchased directly from Material World
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Rebag logo

4. Rebag

  • Types of items sold: Designer handbags
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: No fees
  • Listing style: Rebag purchases items from sellers upfront and lists them on its website for resale
  • How shipping is handled: Sellers can get free pickups in New York City or request a free prepaid shipping box anywhere in the United States. Rebag makes offers based on photos, so sellers only send in items they know will be accepted.
  • Refunds policy: Buyers can return items like any other online retailer because items are purchased directly from Rebag
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Resee logo

5. Resee

  • Types of items sold: High-end women’s clothing and accessories
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Resee promises sellers up to 70% commission on items sold. Sellers negotiate with Resee before sending items to be sold.
  • Listing style: Consignment; Resee does all the listing and pays the seller when an item is sold
  • How shipping is handled: Seller pays to ship items to Resee. Resee prefers collections over individual items.
  • Refund policy: Buyers can return items like any other online retailer because items are purchased directly from Resee
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Thred UP logo

6. ThredUP

  • Types of items sold: Designer women’s and children’s clothing; women’s handbags, jewelry, and accessories
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: ThredUP has a payout estimator tool on its website to help determine how much you can earn
  • Listing style: Both consignment (for items listed over $60) and upfront (items listed under $60). Items are listed for 84 days. 
  • How shipping is handled: Sellers request a free Clean Out Kit; an expedited kit costs $16.
  • Refund policy: Free returns for buyers; unsold items can be donated or returned to the seller
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The Real Real logo

7. The Real Real

  • Types of items sold: Women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry, watches, and home items
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Sellers will earn up to 70% of the sale price of items. The Real Real takes a commission of 30%.
  • Listing style: Consignment; the seller ships items to The Real Real and items are sold directly to buyers. Sellers receive payment when items sell.
  • How shipping is handled: Sellers request a free consignment kit. Buyers pay for shipping directly from The Real Real. Free in-home pickup for sellers is available in 21 cities. 
  • Refund policy: Standard refund policy for buyers because the transaction takes place directly through The Real Real. Items are returned to the sellers if not sold.
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Vestiaire Collective logo

8. Vestiaire Collective

  • Types of items sold: Designer, luxury, and vintage clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and jewelry for men, women, and children
  • Fees for buyers: No fees
  • Fees for sellers: Varies by item, but, on average, you’ll receive 75% of the sale price
  • Listing style: Consignment; items are listed and sold on the Vestiaire Collective website. Once the item is sold, you’ll receive payment.
  • How shipping is handled: Free shipping for sold items, which are shipped directly to Vestiaire Collective for processing and then sent to the buyer from the company
  • Refund policy: Items purchased from private sellers cannot be refunded or exchanges; items purchased from a professional seller can be returned within 14 days
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There are also plenty of other ways to sell your clothes.

If you’re interested in selling things in addition to clothes, you may want to check out our article about selling on Etsy.

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