Smart & Final Return Policy: Requirements, Exceptions Detailed

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Here’s the Smart & Final return policy in plain language. Smart & Final’s warehouse-style grocery stores will take back any of its store brand items and nonperishable items for a full refund or exchange — and in some cases, you don’t even need a receipt.

Smart & Final’s Return Policy

Smart & Final will accept all nonperishable items for a refund or exchange, customer service associates said. For a full refund, you’ll need to bring your receipt unless the item is a Smart & Final brand item. Smart & Final brands — including Ambiance, First Street, Iris, La Romanella, Simply Value, and Sun Harvest — all come with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t have your receipt and your purchase does not include a store brand, you should be able to exchange the item in-store.

Perishable items (meaning anything that needs to be refrigerated or frozen) are exempt from returns and exchanges — unless the product is found to be unsatisfactory. In this case, open and/or used items can be returned for a refund or exchange; refunds and exchanges may be subject to an individual store’s policy and/or a store manager’s approval.

For most items, there is no set deadline on returns; it is left up to the discretion of the manager, a corporate customer service representative told us. One exception is for seasonal items, which must be returned at least two days before the holiday. Additionally, appliances and equipment are only eligible for return if they are defective and you have your original receipt. Appliances and equipment must be exchanged (rather than refunded) within 14 days, according to the corporate customer service department and Smart & Final’s Policy FAQs.

In Summary

You can return or exchange any nonperishable item to Smart & Final. And, all Smart & Final brand items come with a money-back guarantee. Perishable items cannot be returned or exchanged unless they are found to be unsatisfactory. There is no set time limit on returns for most items, except for appliances and equipment (which must be exchanged within 14 days) and seasonal items (which should be returned at least two days before the holiday).

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