Does Speedway Take Apple Pay? Payment Policy In-Store & at the Pump

Speedway pump

Short Answer

Speedway convenience stores accept Apple Pay at checkout, but not at the pump. Some Speedway locations also take Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Other accepted forms of payment include cash, debit cards, and credit cards.

Speedway Apple Pay Policy

All of Speedway’s convenience stores accept Apple Pay at checkout, according to customer service representatives and a press release from CS News.

Customers cannot, however, use Apple Pay to pay for fuel at Speedway gas stations.

Accepted Payment Methods

In addition to Apple Pay, Speedway accepts cash, debit cards, and credit cards (including American Express and Discover).

Speedway also offers the Speedy Rewards Pay Card that you can use to link your bank account and make ACH transactions from your phone at participating locations.

Some locations also accept Google Pay and Samsung Pay, but availability varies by location — you can contact your intended Speedway convenience store to confirm.

More Information

For more places where you can use Apple Pay, see our list of gas stations that take it.

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