Does Speedway Cash Checks? Answered

Does Speedway cash checks? Speedway would be a convenient option, but the gas station chain does not cash checks, personal or otherwise. Here’s what else to know about the Speedway check cashing policy.

Speedway Check Cashing Policy

Speedway gas stations and convenience stores do not cash checks of any kind; we contacted locations in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania to confirm. However, Speedway does offer bill payment services. You can reload a prepaid debit card, pay bills with cash, or reload your Amazon account at your nearest Speedway.

For the comprehensive list of places that cash checks (and the ones that don’t), see our article: Gas Stations That Cash Checks: the Comprehensive List.

In Summary

Speedway gas stations and convenience stores do no cash checks. They do, however, offer limited money services, including bill payment. Some Speedway locations also sell money orders; see our article for more information.