Staples Fax Cost & Fax Services Explained (Sending & Receiving)

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Short Answer

You can send and receive faxes at Staples. Sending a local fax from one of Staples’ self-service fax machines costs about $1.79 per page, and you can also receive a fax at Staples for about $1. Long-distance and international faxes cost a bit more.

Staples Fax Services and Pricing

Staples stores have self-service fax machines from which you can send and receive faxes. Prices to send and receive faxes may vary by store location, but you can expect to pay about $1.79 per page to send a local fax and about $1 to receive a fax.[1]

Long-distance faxes sent within the United States cost about $2 per page to send, and faxing to an international number will cost about $5.99 per page. Additional pages cost $2.19 and $3.99, respectively.[1]

We contacted Staples locations in California, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Mexico to confirm this information — all of the stores we contacted said they have fax machines available, with comparable pricing.

How to Send a Fax

To send a fax at Staples, you’ll need either a hard copy of your document or a digital copy saved to a flash drive or the cloud.[2]

You can also print your document at Staples for about $0.20 per page for a black-and-white copy or about $0.66 per page for a copy color.[3][4]

Once you’ve sent your fax, the machine will print a confirmation and a receipt; you’ll need to take the receipt to the register to pay. Self-service fax machines are available at any time during regular store hours.

How to Receive a Fax

To receive a fax at Staples, you’ll need to contact your local store for its fax number; some stores list their fax numbers online. Store associates will retrieve and hold your fax for you, and you’ll pay for the fax upon pickup.

Other Places to Send/Receive Faxes

If there are no Staples stores near you, you can check out our article for information on other places where you can send a fax.

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