Starbucks Senior Discount Policy Explained + Other Ways to Save

Starbucks sign on the side of a building

Is there a Starbucks senior discount? Officially, there is no Starbucks senior discount. However, during our research, we discovered it doesn’t hurt to ask — some individual Starbucks locations will give you 10% off if you’re a senior (or a veteran).

Starbucks Senior Discount Policy

Starbucks does not have an official senior discount policy, as confirmed by calls to multiple store locations in Florida, Missouri, Colorado, and Oregon. There is also no mention of a senior discount on the coffeehouse chain’s website. However, while speaking to a barista in Redmond, Ore., we were told: “We do not have an ongoing senior discount, but we don’t mind taking 10% off for you if you come in and ask. We do that for some of our military veterans.” (Starbucks doesn’t have an official military discount policy either.) While you can’t expect a senior discount, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

For other places with official senior savings, see our list of over 90 senior discounts by age.

Ways to Save at Starbucks

There are guaranteed ways to get a discount at Starbucks. If you bring your own cup, you’ll get $0.10 off your beverage purchase. And, if you use a registered Starbucks Rewards Card or the mobile app, you can get free coffee or tea refills as long as you don’t leave the store. Through a registered card or the app, you can also earn “Stars” redeemable for free items.

Interested in buying a Starbucks gift card to treat a friend or colleague to free coffee? See our article for details of where to buy Starbucks gift cards.

In Summary

There is no official Starbucks senior discount. However, individual Starbucks locations may offer you 10% off, if you ask.

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