Stater Bros. Check Cashing Policy Explained

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Short Answer — Stater Bros. Markets cashes checks with a minimum $25 in-store purchase. You’ll also need to show a photo ID and, likely, your Stater Bros. card. Other restrictions (such as check type restrictions) may apply.

Does Stater Bros. Cash Checks?

You can cash a check at Stater Bros. Markets, but the check cashing policy varies by store.

Stater Bros. is a grocery store chain primarily in Southern California. We called multiple Stater Bros. grocery store locations to get the details on its check cashing policy, and, though there were some similarities, there were several inconsistencies.

Here are our findings:

  • You may need a Stater Bros. card and a photo ID: Many stores said you’ll need to have a Stater Bros. card in order to cash a check. There does not appear to be a way to sign up for a Stater Bros. card online and one store said it is not currently issuing Stater Bros. cards in its store — but other stores mentioned you can sign up for a card in-store. You will also need a photo ID.
  • You’ll need to make a minimum purchase: You will be required to make a minimum purchase of $25 at Stater Bros. in order to cash a check. Because of this rule, some Stater Bros. locations will cash your check at the register. In fact, some stores will even allow you to use the check to cover the cost of your groceries and will give you the remaining balance in cash. Stater Bros. will cash checks up to $700.
  • Normal business hours apply: You can typically cash checks during Stater Bros’ normal business hours, which are 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. at most locations.
  • No third-party checks: Some stores said they only cash payroll and government checks. Others said they only cash personal checks. None will cash third-party checks.
  • Cash back option? At some Stater Bros, you can get cash back if you pay with a check — anywhere from $1 to $50. Again, you’ll need to make a minimum purchase of $25.

For specifics, contact your local Stater Bros. You can also compare your options in our list of grocery stores that cash checks.

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