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The holidays are a special time of year — and most of the holiday magic is for making sure young children create lasting holiday memories. But what about the adults? Inside every adult is a young child who gets giddy at the thought of giving and receiving gifts. Stocking stuffers are a big part of that feeling. What’s inside the stockings can be a thoughtful and fun mix of treasures, funny gifts, and useful items alike. See below for a list of 18 great stocking stuffers for adults.

Coffee Sampler Pack

No holiday is complete without a nice cup of hot coffee — especially if the night before included a lot of eggnog! A box featuring a blind sampling of coffees offers a unique and fun tasting experience that friends and family can enjoy together.

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Lump O’ Coal Gum

It may be the season of giving, but not everyone is on the “Nice” list. Remind them that Santa knows all with this tin of gum that looks like tiny lumps of coal. It’s a perfect size to fit in a stocking, and the tin is reusable!

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Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books feature relaxing patterns that will help you unwind after a long day at the office. Just get some colored pencils or markers and an adult beverage, and you’re all set. Staying within the lines is optional.

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Whiskey Stones

Stainless steel stones will keep your whiskey, wine, or other spirits cold without diluting or watering them down. You can purchase stones that come in a gift box, with a freezer storage bag and tongs to help dispense into your glass. And unlike regular ice cubes, these can be cleaned and used over and over again.

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Gourmet Salt Sampler

This is an excellent gift for both budding chefs and home cooks alike. Whenever a recipe calls for an exotic seasoning, you may not have it on hand; certain seasonings, including different varieties of salt, can be expensive and hard to find. Choose a sampler with multiple types of salt, such as Pink Himalayan, French Grey, Hawaiian Red Alaea, and Black Lava.

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Universal Package Opening Tool

Who hasn’t had to deal with difficult-to-open product packaging? A universal package-opening tool eliminates the need for cursing and fighting with those holiday gifts you can’t seem to open with regular scissors. And they are perfectly safe, meaning you won’t cut your hands opening even the most stubborn packages.

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Set of Mini Journals

Everyone needs to jot things down, but it’s usually on sticky notes or folded pieces of paper. A set of mini journals with heavy-duty cardboard covers and lined pages is perfect for to-do lists and anything else that pops in your head. And since it will fit in your pocket, you’ll always have it nearby.

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Beer Opener Survival Card Tool

One of life’s great emergencies is having a beer and no opener. Survival card tools are wallet-sized, and also feature 10 other uses: can opener sharp edge, flat screwdriver, ruler, wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction auxiliary indication, two-position wrench, and lanyard hole/key ring hole.

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Instant Cooling Towel

This is a perfect gift for any outdoor or fitness enthusiast. Activate it with water, and it instantly cools to 25 to 30 degrees cooler than a regular towel. Reusable and washable, it offers instant relief after a workout, a run, or even mowing the yard. The uses are limitless!

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“Go Away” Coffee Mug

For coffee drinkers, there is a minimum amount of java they need to consume before they become approachable each morning. This cup lets everyone know where they stand with three levels: Go Away, Not Yet, and How Can I Help You? This is a humorous approach to the amount of coffee needed to start the day.

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Bacon Toothpicks

Bacon makes everything better. These toothpicks are the best way to pack even more bacon flavor into your life. Eat some bacon, then use some bacon-flavored toothpicks to savor the bacony goodness.

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Magnetic Wristband

This is an awesome idea for the do-it-yourselfer in your life. Never lose a nail or screw again with this magnetic wristband tool. The set of four strong magnets ensures that nothing will be lost, and it saves time without having to search for the right parts.

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Portable Power Bank

No one wants to be caught with a dead phone; portable power banks are small enough to stow in a pocket or bag and can fully charge most smartphones on the market.

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Singing in the shower gets even better with a Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth shower speakers are waterproof, so you can jam along with your personalized playlist while getting fresh and clean.

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Car Garbage Can

For those who spend a lot of time in the car, it can be easy for trash to accumulate — coffee cups, fast food wrappers, mail, etc. If it comes in your car as one thing, it probably ends up as trash at some point. Keep your car clean and organized with a car trash can.

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Inflatable Travel Pillow

For the frequent flyer, consider a travel pillow that can be inflated on demand, but stores neatly in a small pouch when not in use. Perfect for stowing away in a carry-on bag without taking up valuable space. It offers comfortable neck support and allows for some much-needed rest to the weary traveler.

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Meat-Shredding Claws

For the BBQ master, pulling pork can be a tedious and frustrating process. Meat-shredding claws are perfect for pulling pork; shredding chicken, turkey, or beef, and even tossing salads.

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LED Book Light

For the person on your list who reads into all hours of the night, a book light is a great way for them to keep up with their hobby without keeping others up. The best booklights feature an ultra-thin design, have a bright white LED light, are rechargeable, and can be clipped on or free-standing.

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