Stripes’ Money Order Policy: Availability, Fees, & Limits Explained

Inside of a convenience store similar to Stripes

Here’s the current Stripes money order policy.

7-Eleven recently purchased Sunoco’s trademarks, Stripes and the Laredo Taco Company. The good news is that because of this, Stripes now offers money order services at most locations. For all of the details on Stripes’ money order policy, see below.

Stripes’ Money Order Policy

Stripes convenience stores sell money orders at most locations. Stripes stores are typically open 24 hours a day and can sell money orders around the clock. But, before you head out to buy a money order at Stripes, you might want to contact your nearest Stripes location to confirm that it does, in fact, sell money orders. After you’ve confirmed that your local store offers money order services, you’ll need to make sure you have enough cash for the transaction — as this is the only acceptable method of payment for a money order at Stripes.

Most often, Stripes will issue a Western Union money order. However, if the location has recently been converted to a 7-Eleven-brand store, it will offer MoneyGram. (7-Eleven recently purchased Stripes and in the past has slowly converted its purchased stores in stages.) Either way, you can expect to pay a 1 to 3% fee for the purchase of a money order. The limit on money orders at Stripes is $500.

Stripes nor 7-Eleven cash money orders. Instead, you’ll need to take a money order to your bank to cash it. For more options, see our article: Where Can I Cash a Money Order? At These Places.

Stripes is a convenience store chain with more than 600 locations in the U.S, primarily in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Its regular offerings include beverages, snacks, hot food items, candy, and ice. Some locations also offer truck stop services like showers and laundry machines.

In Summary

As of January 2018, Stripes now belongs to 7-Eleven. Consequently, Stripes now offers a number of 7-Eleven’s conveniences, including the ability to purchase money orders. However, it still doesn’t cash money orders. For the list of other places to purchase a money order at any hour, check out our article: 24-Hour Money Order: Where to Get a Money Order 24 Hours a Day.


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