SunTrust Money Order Policy: Fees, Restrictions, etc

SunTrust logo on the front of a SunTrust Bank building

Short Answer

SunTrust Bank sells and cashes money orders. At most branches, you don’t have to be a SunTrust account holder to buy or cash a money order. In general, fees are $5 for SunTrust account holders or $10 for non-account holders.

SunTrust Money Order Policy

SunTrust Bank sells and cashes money orders, bank representatives from various branch locations in several states said. Money orders can be purchased using cash or the amount can be paid out of your bank account if you are a SunTrust checking account holder.

The typical fee to buy or cash a money order is $5 for SunTrust account holders and $10 per money order for non-account holders, SunTrust customer service representatives confirmed. Select Checking and Signature Advantage account holders can purchase money orders without paying a fee.

Money orders are not eligible for mobile deposit, but account holders can deposit money orders at any SunTrust ATM. And SunTrust business customers can scan and deposit money orders remotely.

Most branches offer money order services to both account holders and non-account holders; however, one of the branches we contacted said it only offers money order services to SunTrust clients. Contact your local SunTrust Bank to learn about the branch’s specific policy.


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