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Can you exchange diapers at Target? Yes, you can return or exchange diapers at Target. If the package is unopened, you have 90 days from purchase — with or without a receipt. If the package of diapers has been opened, you can still return or exchange, as long as you have the receipt. There are a few exceptions to Target’s general return policy. For more on the Target diaper return policy, see below.

What Is Target’s Diaper Return Policy?

Unopened items — including diapers — can be returned or exchanged with or without a receipt at Target stores within 90 days of purchase, according to Target’s general return policy. Opened packages of diapers can be returned or exchanged as long as you have the receipt, a Target customer service representative said. In some instances, returns and exchanges will be subject to a store manager’s approval.

If you lost your receipt, you may have two options:

  • If you made a purchase online and you have a Target account, you can look up your receipt at
  • If you made an in-store purchase with a credit card, bring the credit card you used to the customer service desk and a Target store employee will look up your receipt.

There are also a few exceptions to the general return policy:

  • If you used your Target REDcard — Target’s store credit card — to buy diapers, you get an extra 30 days to return or exchange items — a total of 120 days of purchase.
  • If you purchased Up&Up brand diapers, you have one year to return or exchange them since Up&Up is a Target-owned brand.

In Summary

And that’s The target diaper return policy in plain language. You can return or exchange unopened diapers with or without a receipt to Target stores within 90 days of purchase. Opened packages of diapers can be returned or exchanged with a receipt. Exceptions to Target’s general return policy include purchases made with a Target REDcard and Up&Up brand diaper purchases.

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