Target Makeup Return Policy Explained

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Short Answer

You have 90 days to return most makeup purchases to Target. Exceptions include Target RedCard purchases, which allow up to 120 days, and Target-owned brands, which are returnable within a full year. Even open or lightly used products are eligible for return.

Target Makeup Return Policy

Target accepts makeup returns within 90 days with the receipt. The return period is extended to 120 days if you paid with a Target RedCard and one year if the makeup is from a Target-owned brand.[1]

If you’ve slightly used a beauty product but want to return it for any reason, Target will accept it. However, we were told that you can’t return empty or nearly-empty product containers.[2]

Target doesn’t offer a special holiday return policy for makeup. The standard return policy applies to defective products (including dried-out makeup), gifts, and clearance items.[1]

We contacted Target stores in Florida, Idaho, Kentucky, Nevada, Vermont, and Washington; all of these stores confirm that they follow the corporate makeup return policy.

Returns Without a Receipt

If you don’t have your receipt, Target can look up your purchase as long as you used a Target RedCard, credit card, debit card, check, or gift card.

Keep in mind that it takes the Target point-of-sale system 24 hours to update, so you’ll need a receipt to make a return the same day you purchased an item.[2]

Note that if you used a gift card, you’ll need to provide it for receipt lookup. If you paid with a check, bring a blank check so store associates can look up your transaction.[1]

If you paid with cash and don’t have your receipt, your refund will be on a merchandise return card.[1]

Returns After the Time Limit

Target typically refuses to accept returns outside of the return policy time limits noted above.

If you’re not happy with your purchase, but it’s past the return window, you may still be able to exchange the item at the discretion of the store manager.[1]

Return Process

In Stores

Target processes in-store returns at the customer service counter during regular store hours.

You can return items purchased in-store or online to any Target store; online purchases are also eligible for return by mail.[2] (We detail the mail-in return process below.)

If you made your original makeup purchase on a debit or credit card, you should bring that card with you. Your refund will be made to the method of the original purchase.[1]

You should also bring your ID. Target may track your return to avoid fraud, especially if you don’t have the receipt.[2]

By Mail

If you’d prefer to return an online cosmetics purchase by mail, log into your account to request a return. You’ll be able to print a free UPS shipping label.

You should receive your refund credit about 10 days after Target receives the returned item. If you don’t have a payment method on file, you should receive a refund check in about 14 days.[1]

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