Target RedCard Credit Limit Increase Policy: Eligibility, Process, etc

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Short Answer

Target may increase your credit limit for the RedCard store credit card or RedCard Mastercard if you call customer service and request an increase. TD Bank (which issues both RedCards) also reviews its RedCard accounts frequently for automatic increases.

Target RedCard Credit Limit Increase Policy

Target RedCard accountholders may be eligible for credit limit increases by requesting an increase or receiving an automatic increase from the issuer, TD Bank.

Both the RedCard store credit card and the RedCard Mastercard may be eligible for increases.[1][2]

Requesting a Credit Limit Increase

To request a credit limit increase, you must contact RedCard customer service by phone. You cannot request a credit limit increase online.[1][2]

If you have a RedCard store credit card, call (800) 659-2396; if you have the RedCard Mastercard, call (800) 424-6888.

When you call customer service, you can either ask for an increase directly or ask a customer service representative about your chances of eligibility.

Keep in mind that approval is on a case-by-case basis and requesting a credit limit increase may result in a hard pull on your credit report.[1][2]

Automatic Credit Limit Increases

If you choose not to request a credit limit increase, you may receive one automatically. All RedCard accounts are reviewed about once a month; accounts that qualify for an increase (typically based on usage and regular, on-time payments) will receive a letter of increase notification.[1][2]

If you choose to wait for an automatic increase rather than request one, you can call customer service and request a flag on your account to let anyone who reviews the account know that you are interested in an increase.

Credit Limit Increase Amounts

Target credit cardholders start with variable credit limits (sometimes as low as about $200). Cardholders may receive increases of up to $500 or more with several months of regular credit card usage and on-time payments.[1][2]

Upgrading to the RedCard Mastercard

Applicants who qualify for the store credit card may receive an offer to convert to the RedCard Mastercard. You can’t request an upgrade to the Mastercard — you must wait until it is offered to you.[1][2]

Both cards are issued by TD Bank, so once you have a RedCard Mastercard instead of the RedCard store card, the credit limit increase request process is the same.

  1. RedCard customer service (800) 659-2396[][][][][][]
  2. RedCard Mastercard customer service (800) 424-6888[][][][][][]

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