Technical Team Names List: Clever Tech Team Names for Work & More

Being part of a tech team often means that everyone you know thinks that you can fix their computer. That’s probably true, but you’re more than just a repair guy or gal. Likely, the only people who really understand what you do are those that you work with. So why not choose a creative tech team name so that the next time you talk about work, your job sounds cooler than it already is? In this article, we’ve compiled a list of group names for those in the tech industry.

What to Keep in Mind When Picking Team Names

Having a team name is great for boosting morale at work. It’s fun, and it makes you feel like you’re part of an exclusive organization. The type of name you choose will depend on what kind of place you work at. Some team names may include sexual innuendos which are funny but not always appropriate for the workplace. In general, it is best to avoid names that could be insulting to others. The point of the team name is to lift peoples spirits, not to put anyone down.

When picking a team name, it’s best to choose one that reflects what your team does as a whole. You may be part of a tech team in which everyone has a different role, in which case it may be easier to choose a name with a more general application as opposed to something like “Code Warriors.”

Technical Team Names

Here, we have compiled a list of our favorite tech team names. Check it out!

  • 404 Brain Not Found
  • Bandwidth of Brothers
  • BitsPlease
  • Blue Screens
  • Brewing Java
  • Brogrammers
  • Browser Arousers
  • BugSquashers
  • Byte (Byte Me)
  • Code Fellas
  • Code Warriors
  • Cyber Knights
  • DevDivas (a great name if you happen to have an all-female group)
  • Digital Destroyers
  • Dirty Bits
  • Hackerjacks
  • Hexspeak
  • Infinite Loop
  • Internet Explorers
  • Keyboard Annihilators
  • Keyboard Crackers
  • Kil-A-Bytes
  • Memory Leak
  • Mining for Bits
  • Nerds of a Feather
  • Pixel Chicks (or, try Pixel Pals for a mixed group)
  • Scrum Lords
  • Still-InBeta
  • Tech Army
  • Technocrats
  • The Spammers
  • Xterm-inate

In Summary

And that’s the list of technical team names to choose from. Work is work, but choosing a creative technical team name can liven up the workplace and make things a little more exciting. There are a lot of funny names to choose from, but some of them may be a tad inappropriate, so use your judgment to determine what is and isn’t suitable for your workplace. When all is said and done, you’ll have an awesome team name that might even make people jealous of where you work and what you do.

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