Thirty-One Business Names, Group Names, & Party Name Ideas

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One of the first things to consider when starting a new business venture is choosing a name that will encompass the services and/or products you will be providing, and in a way that will attract customers.

People need to know what they are purchasing, and a good business name will help make this clear.

Below, we list Thirty-One Gifts business name ideas, from Prized and Organized to Keep Calm and Carry-All. These names can also apply to Thirty-One groups and parties.

Thirty-One Business Names

Thirty-One Gifts is an online business that partners with consultants to sell handbags, totes, and home accessories through virtual and face-to-face parties. Each consultant can choose their own Thirty-One business name, group name, and/or Facebook party name.

We have the list of classic, fun, creative, and unique Thirty-One Gifts business names. We’ve separated them into four categories: Simple & Classic, Tools of the Trade, Descriptive, and Wordplay. Feel free to use one of our ideas or use this list to help you come up with your own business name.

Simple & Classic

If you’re looking for a simple fix, you can focus on your name and/or location when naming your Thirty-One business or Facebook party. Here are a few classic examples:

  • [Your name] Handbags and Co. (e.g., Alice’s Handbags and Co.)
  • Purse-onally [Your area code or ZIP code] (e.g., Purse-onally 312)
  • The [Your last name] Tote Shoppe (e.g., The Wilson Tote Shoppe)
  • [Your city’s name or nickname] Handbags and More (e.g., Windy City Handbags and More)
  • [Your name] Purse Party (e.g., Jenna’s Purse Party)
  • [Your name] Purse Collective (e.g., Dana’s Purse Collective)
  • [Your name] Totes and Gifts (e.g., Kim’s Totes and Gifts)
  • Experience [Your area code or ZIP code] by Thirty-One Gifts (e.g., Experience 818 by Thirty-One Gifts)

Tools of the Trade

All businesses have tools and instruments associated with the craft — Thirty-One Gifts is no different. Try thinking about the products and what they’re made of and incorporate these words into your business name.

  • Handle and Zipper
  • Handled
  • Monogrammed
  • Prized and Organized
  • Stitched


Try using adjectives to explain what makes your business and its products special. A descriptive business name can lure customers in.

  • Boundless Bags
  • Classic Gifts and Bags
  • Contemporary Carry-Alls
  • Crafty Creations and More
  • Custom Creations and Crafts
  • Glamorous Gifts and Bags
  • Modern Accessories
  • Posh Purses and Gifts
  • Sassy Totes and Bags
  • Timeless Totes


Let your personality shine in your business name. You can think of common sayings or popular titles and switch out a word or two for something related to your business. Here are a few examples:

  • Bags to Riches
  • Handle With Care
  • Keep Calm and Carry-All
  • Leader of the (Back)Pack
  • Purse-onalized
  • The Bag Brigade
  • The Big Bag Theory
  • Tote-ally Yours
  • Zip It Good

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