Thirty-One Business Names: The List of Ideas

One of the first things to consider when starting a new business venture is choosing a name that will encompass the services and/or products you will be providing. Customers need to know what they are purchasing, and a good business name will do that. We have the list of Thirty-One Gifts business names, from Prized and Organized to Keep Calm and Carry-All. These Thirty-One business names also apply to Thirty-One group names and Thirty-One party names. Enjoy!

Thirty-One Business Names: The List of Ideas

Thirty-One Gifts is an online business that partners with consultants to sell handbags, totes, and home accessories through face-to-face and online parties. Each consultant can choose his or her own Thirty-One business name, group name, and/or Facebook party name.

Having a hard time coming up with a name for your Thirty-One business? We have the list of classic, fun, creative, and unique Thirty-One Gifts business names. We’ve broken them into four categories: Simple & Classic, Tools of the Trade, Descriptive, and Wordplay. Feel free to use one of our ideas or use this list to help you come up with your own business name.

Simple & Classic

If you’re looking for a simple fix, focus on your name and/or location when naming your Thirty-One business or Facebook party. Here are a few classic examples:

  • (Your name) Handbags and Co. (e.g., Alice’s Handbags and Co.)
  • Purse-onally (Your area code or ZIP code) (e.g., Purse-onally 312)
  • The (your last name) Tote Shoppe (e.g., The Wilson Tote Shoppe)
  • (Your city’s name or nickname) Handbags and More (e.g., Sin City Handbags and More)
  • (Your name) Purse Party (e.g., Jenna’s Purse Party)
  • (Your name) Purse Collective (e.g., Dana’s Purse Collective)
  • (Your name) Totes and Gifts (e.g., Kim’s Totes and Gifts)
  • Experience (your area code or ZIP code) by Thirty-One Gifts (e.g., Experience 818 by Thirty-One Gifts)

Tools of the Trade

All businesses have tools and instruments associated with the craft — and Thirty-One Gifts is no different. Try thinking about the products and what they’re made of and incorporate these words into your business name.

  • Handled
  • Handle and Zipper
  • Stitched
  • Prized and Organized
  • Monogrammed


Use adjectives to explain what makes your business and its products special. A descriptive business name can lure customers in.

  • Sassy Totes and Bags
  • Modern Accessories
  • Crafty Creations and More
  • Custom Creations and Crafts
  • Contemporary Carry-Alls


Let your personality shine in your business name. Think of common sayings or popular titles and switch out a word or two for something related to your business. Here are a few examples:

  • Purse-onalized
  • Tote-ally Yours
  • The Big Bag Theory
  • Bags to Riches
  • Keep Calm and Carry-All
  • The Bag Brigade
  • Leader of the (Back) Pack
  • Handle with Care
  • Zip It Good

In Summary

And those were Thirty-One business names to either choose from or get inspiration from. Remember they can also be used as Thirty-One group names and Thirty-One party names. Choosing the perfect business name doesn’t have to be difficult. Inspiration is everywhere, from your own city or name to funny wordplay. Check out our other articles for more business name ideas: Creative Names for a Makeup Artist and Bath Bomb Business Names: Creative Ideas for Your Company Name.

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