Tiffany & Co. Employee Discount Policy Explained

Tiffany & Co. is a luxury jewelry brand, and its store employees are offered a “generous” discount. We have more information on the Tiffany employee discount program below.

Tiffany & Co. Employee Discount Policy Explained

Tiffany & Co. states on its website that it offers its employees a “generous discount on Tiffany merchandise.” But, details of its employee discount program are hard to come by. We contacted Tiffany & Co.’s corporate customer service department and were told that once employed, you can contact your direct manager for details of the available employee discount. The company would not give any further information. Additionally, a reviewer on Glassdoor wrote that the employee discount is “un-discussable.”

We also found a discussion on PurseForum from a few years ago that reports the Tiffany & Co. employee discount is about 30% off most items. Keep in mind, we were not able to confirm this information with Tiffany & Co. We also could not obtain information on who qualifies for an employee discount (e.g., part-time, full-time, hourly, etc.) or if there is a friends and family discount. What we do know is that any employee discount is sure to help. Wondering if Tiffany & Co. ever has a sale? We have the answer in our article on Tiffany’s store policy on discounts and sales.

In Summary

There is a Tiffany employee discount, but details on the store’s policy are not made public. To learn about selling your Tiffany & Co. jewelry, see our article on Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry buyback options.

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