Semitruck Parking Near Me? Commercial Truck Parking Near Me? Listed

Short Answer: Finding a place to park, especially overnight, can be a challenge for truck drivers. Even at places that offer truck parking, availability can be limited and/or fees can add up. We have the list of mobile apps — including Park My Truck and Trucker Path — that can help you find truck parking, plus the list of places where you’ll likely be able to park — from truck stops to IHOPs and Walmarts. For more details, see below.

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Ways to Find Parking

There are plenty of parking options for semitrucks; the trick is finding them. Perhaps the most popular parking option is a truck stop. Many national truck stop chains have mobile apps you can use to help locate them. And some let you reserve a parking spot ahead of time. For example, the TrustSmart app for TA-Petro lets you reserve a parking spot up to 30 days in advance.

Rest stops are another popular option for semitruck parking. Many rest stops offer temporary and sometimes overnight parking for commercial trucks. Be sure to do your research before parking overnight to make sure it’s legal. A popular app for finding rest stops is USA Rest Stops, available for both iOS and Google Play.

In addition to truck stops and rest stops, some businesses — including hotels, restaurants, casinos, and big-box stores like Walmart — will permit semitrucks in their parking lots. The hope is that you will patronize the business while you’re there. Below, we have the list of places that frequently allow truck parking, but to ask about semitruck parking, you can call the business ahead of time or stop at the customer service desk to ask permission. (For more on where you can park a car overnight, see our list of places that offer free and legal overnight parking.)

From trucks stops and rest stops to businesses, you can find a place to park using one of the following apps. Some of the best mobile apps to find truck parking include:

  • Allstays Truck Stops and Travel Plazas: An app for drivers with more than 35,000 data points on stops along the road and an interface that allows you to search for what you need. In addition to details on parking at truck stops, the Allstays database includes chain motels that advertise free truck parking. Available for iOS.
  • DAT Trucker: This app helps truck drivers find nearby services, such as parking, truck stops, service stations, scales, Walmarts, and trucker-friendly hotels. Available for iOS and Google Play.
  • Park My Truck: This free app from the National Association of Truck Stop Operators (NATSO) helps drivers find available parking spots up to 250 miles from their current location. Available for iOS and Google Play.
  • Road Breakers: Input your destination and Road Breakers will show you overnight parking options nearby. The app stores data so you can reference it without internet access. Available for iOS and Google Play.
  • Trucker Path: This app provides information for truckers, including fuel prices, weigh stations, truck stops, and available parking — all updated in real time. Available for iOS and Google Play.
  • Truck Parking USA: A crowdsourced tool for finding available truck parking along a route with filters for features like security and amenities, plus a social networking element. Available for iOS and Google Play.

Truck Stops Near Me With Parking

While all truck stops offer parking, they each have different policies regarding time limits, fees, reservations, and whether or not overnight parking is allowed. We’ve rounded up details on the parking policies of the largest truck stop chains in the country.


Pilot/Flying J

Road Ranger

  • Parking hours: 24/7
  • Overnight parking?: Yes
  • Fees: None
  • Amenities: Typical amenities include food, ATMs, financial services, game rooms, TRANSFLO Express, Wi-Fi, DEF at the pump, showers, and fuel.
  • Reservations available? No
  • Locations: Truck stops in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin; find a Road Ranger near you

Roady’s Truck Stop

  • Parking hours: 24/7
  • Overnight parking? Yes
  • Fees: None
  • Amenities: Typical amenities include food, DEF at the pump, showers, repair service, and fuel.
  • Reservations available? No
  • Locations: More than 200 truck stops across the country; find a Roady’s near you

TravelCenters of America and Petro Stopping Centers (TA-Petro)

Hotels and Motels with Truck Parking Near Me

Parking availability for trucks at motels and hotels will vary, depending on the location’s parking facilities and policies. The following national hotel chains commonly offer free overnight parking for semitrucks:

Restaurants with Truck Parking Near Me

Some restaurants near the interstate have parking lots that can accommodate trucks. However, it’s unlikely you’ll be allowed to park overnight. In most cases, parking is only available during business hours. Many of the apps and websites mentioned above, such as Trucker Path and Truck Parking USA, include truck-friendly restaurants in their parking databases. We have the list of chain restaurants that frequently have truck-friendly parking lots.

Casinos with Truck Parking Near Me

Many casinos allow trucks and RVs to park overnight in their parking lots for free — in hopes that drivers will stop in the casino. Some casinos even offer amenities for overnighters like toilets, water, and RV hookups. Plus, casino amenities often include restaurants and shopping. Some casinos put a cap on the length of your stay, but you can typically stay one to three nights. Below, we have the list of major national casino chains that typically offer parking for trucks.


  • Policy: Truck parking available at all locations; generally free, but overnight fees may apply. The Vicksburg, Miss., location has an RV park with truck parking available for a fee.
  • Find an Ameristar casino


  • Policy: Free parking at most locations, but some charge an hourly or daily fee for parking; parking is open 24/7 at all locations
  • Find a Harrah’s casino

Hollywood Casinos


Isle Casinos

  • Policy: Some locations offer free overnight parking for trucks; check with your nearest location for details
  • Find an Isle Casino

Lady Luck Casinos

  • Policy: Truck parking available for free at some locations; check with your nearest location for details
  • Find a Lady Luck casino

Walmarts with Truck Parking Near Me

Walmart is a popular stop for truck drivers because many stores allow overnight parking for free. Policies are set by individual store locations — and some local laws may come in to play — so be aware that not all Walmarts allow truck parking. Many Walmart stores are open 24/7, which means 24-hour access to bathrooms, shopping, and other services. Some Walmart locations even have on-site restaurants, gas stations, and automotive centers.

For specifics, contact your nearest Walmart.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a place to park your semitruck or commercial truck, there are mobile apps that can help you find parking. In addition to truck stops and rest areas, parking is often available at hotels, restaurants, casinos, big-box stores like Walmart, and other establishments.

Need to locate a nearby weigh station? We have the list of websites and apps that can help you find a weigh station near you.

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