Truck Stops With Showers Listed (Including Costs & Amenities)

Short Answer: Large truck stop chains with showers include Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, Pilot, Sapp Bros. Travel Centers, and TravelCenters of America. Shower rentals typically cost between $8 and $16, but frequent drivers can earn free shower credits through individual reward programs. Other places where you can find showers near you include campgrounds, public beaches, community pools, and recreation centers. For more details of how to find “showers near me,” see below.

Truck Stops With Showers Near Me

We have the list of large and regional truck stop chains with shower facilities. To gather this information, we contacted several locations of each of the truck stop chains listed below. All of the employees we spoke to told us shower rentals include bath towels, washcloths, bath mats, and soap — though you are welcome to bring your own towels and products if you prefer.

Note: Some independent truck stops also offer shower facilities, so if you want to compare prices or aren’t near any of the large truck stop chains listed below, try an online search for “truck stops with showers near me.”

Coffee Cup Fuel Stops

  • Shower cost: $10 or free with a 50-gallon diesel fuel purchase
  • Locations: Nine travel stops in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming; find the nearest

Liberty Travel Plazas

Love’s Travel Stops

  • Shower cost: $12; My Love Rewards members can earn free showers, including one free credit with every 50-gallon fuel purchase for Base- and Gold-level members
  • Locations: Love’s has more than 400 locations with private showers; find the nearest

Pilot Flying J

  • Shower cost: $12; myRewards members can earn free showers
  • Locations: Pilot Flying J has more than 700 locations nationwide; find the nearest

Road Ranger

  • Shower cost: $12
  • Locations: Road Ranger has travel centers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri, Texas, and Wisconsin; find the nearest

Sapp Bros. Travel Centers

  • Shower cost: $15; free shower credit with a 25-gallon fuel purchase or $100+ shop service. Full-time travelers and trucks drivers can earn free showers for the remainder of the month and the following month after purchasing 500 gallons of fuel within 30 days.
  • Locations: Sapp Bros. has 17 travel centers in Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Wyoming; find your nearest Sapp Bros. Travel Center

Town Pump

  • Shower cost: $10
  • Locations: Town Pump operates travel plazas across Montana; find the nearest

TravelCenters of America/Petro

  • Shower cost: $14 to $16, depending on the location; truck drivers, expediters, and coach drivers can earn free showers through the UltraONE Loyalty Program
  • Locations: TA-Petro operates more than 250 locations nationwide — most with private showers; find the nearest

Other Places to Shower Near Me

Other places where you can find showers include┬árecreational centers, gyms, and parks. You’ll still need to pay a fee to use a shower at most of these locations — generally in the form of an entrance fee, which includes access to bathhouses and other amenities like trails, beaches, workout equipment, or swimming pools. Below, we’ve compiled details on how to find public showers at places other than truck stops.

Campgrounds (National Park, State Park, and Private)

  • Shower cost: Some parks restrict shower facilities to campers only, but showers may be included with the park’s entry fee or with an overnight camping permit. Daily park passes typically cost between $5 and $10; camping permits may cost up to $30 per night, depending on the park and the season. Weeklong and annual passes are also available at most parks.
  • Towels provided? No
  • Locations: Find a National Park on the National Park Service website; you can also search for “state parks near me” or “campgrounds with showers near me.” Keep in mind that amenities vary by locations and not all campgrounds have showers.

Community Pools

  • Shower cost: Included with daily admission; day passes typically cost between $5 and $10
  • Towels provided? No
  • Locations: Search for “community pools near me

Planet Fitness

Public Beaches

  • Shower cost: Usually free, though some beaches only offer outdoor rinse-off showers instead of private showers; some beach facilities only operate seasonally
  • Towels provided? No
  • Locations: Search for “public beaches near me

Recreation Centers

  • Shower cost: Included with a daily entrance fee of about $10; exact charges vary by location; monthly and annual pass options may also be available.
  • Towels provided? Varies by location
  • Locations: Search for “recreation centers near me


  • Shower cost: Included with membership or a one-day pass. One-day passes typically cost between $10 and $15. For access to multiple YMCA locations, you can purchase an AWAY membership for about $35 to $65 per month, depending on where you sign up.
  • Towels provided? Yes, usually for an added fee of $1 or $2
  • Find the nearest

In Summary

Flying J, Love’s Travel Stops, Petro, Pilot, and TravelCenters of America are just some of the large truck stop chains that offer shower rentals. Shower prices range from $8 to $16 and usually include towels and soap. You can earn free shower credits with individual reward programs.

To find other places to shower near you, search for campgrounds, community pools, public beaches, and recreation centers. Many of these locations charge an entrance fee but will allow visitors to use the showers at no extra charge. If you travel frequently, you may want to consider a membership at Planet Fitness or the YMCA, both of which offer access to a large number of facilities across the country.