Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix, Bombfell, & More: Clothing Boxes Compared

If you love shopping but lack the time or don’t enjoy crowded shopping malls, then a clothing delivery service might be the right solution for you. Clothing delivery services like Trunk Club save you time by having a stylist prepare shipments of new clothing picked out just for you. Better still, they arrive right at your door, eliminating crowded shopping malls and department stores. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about Trunk Club and how it works. We’ll also provide an overview of Trunk Club competitors, including Stitch Fix, Bombfell, and Menlo Club (formerly Five Four).

How Does Trunk Club Work?

Trunk Club is a personal shopping service for men and women over the age of 18 in which a stylist picks out clothes specifically for your style and taste and ships them right to your house. It is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so if you’re a Nordstrom cardholder, your Trunk Club purchases earn you Nordstrom Notes. Notes are like points that can be redeemed toward in-store or online purchases at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. While you can earn Nordstrom Notes with Trunk Club purchases, currently you cannot redeem Notes for future Trunk Club purchases.

How Trunk Club Works

When you join Trunk Club, you create an online profile with information about your style, including your body type, your clothing preferences, and your budget. You are then assigned a stylist who will work with you to understand the look you’re going for and create a customized clothing sample package — your “trunk.” Clothing options range from professional business attire to casual and comfy.

You can expect to find six to 10 items per trunk, including a mixture of clothes, shoes, and accessories. You have the option of approving each trunk of clothing before it ships to you, and once your trunk arrives, you’ll have five days to try everything on and decide what you’d like to keep. If there’s anything that you don’t want to keep, you can send it back in a prepaid shipping label.

How Much Does Trunk Club Cost?

Trunk Club is not a subscription service. So, you only pay when you would like a trunk sent to you, which can be as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. You can have a new trunk of clothing sent every month, seasonally, or twice a year. It all depends on your budget and your clothing needs.

There is no membership fee to join Trunk Club, so you simply pay for your trunks as they ship. Trunks do not ship until you approve them. Once you approve a shipment, you’ll be charged a styling fee, currently $25. The styling fee is nonrefundable, but it will be applied as a $25 credit toward your purchase from that trunk. If you choose to return everything from that trunk, then you forfeit the $25 styling fee for that shipment.

Top Trunk Club Competitors Compared: Trunk Club vs Stitch Fix and More

The convenience of clothing delivery services has made them a popular alternative to traditional shopping. Trunk Club isn’t the only popular clothing delivery service. Below, we have the list of Trunk Club alternatives to help you learn the basics of other popular clothing delivery services.


  • Type of clothing: Men’s Casualwear
  • How it works: Create an online profile with your measurements, style preferences, and budget, and a personal stylist will create a custom look for you.
  • Fees: A $20 styling fee is applied to each order. It can be used as a credit toward anything you keep from that shipment.
  • Shipment frequency: Your account will default to monthly shipments when you sign up, but you can adjust your shipment frequency in your account settings.
  • Return policy: You’ll have seven days to try on your clothing once your shipment is delivered. If you wish to return something, you may do so using a prepaid shipping label. Once the “try on” period has ended, you’ll be charged for anything that hasn’t been shipped back.
  • Find out more: Bombfell Pricing, Bombfell: How It Works

Daily Look

  • Type of clothing: Women’s clothing and accessories
  • How it works: Create your online style profile with size, style preferences, and budget information and have items hand-selected for you based on your profile.
  • Fees: There is a $40 styling fee that can be applied toward items that you keep from that month’s shipment.
  • Shipment frequency: You may choose to receive a box monthly, every other month, or quarterly.
  • Return policy: You may use the prepaid shipping label to return anything you don’t wish to keep within five days of receiving the shipment.
  • Find out more: Daily Look Box Service FAQ or Sign up for Daily Look

Dia & Co.

  • Type of clothing: Women’s plus-size clothing and accessories
  • How it works: Complete your online profile with your shape, style, and budget to receive five hand-picked items delivered to your door.
  • Fees: A $20 styling fee is applied to each order. It can be used as a credit toward anything you keep from that shipment.
  • Shipment frequency: You may choose to have frequent shipments automatically sent, or you may choose to have them sent on demand.
  • Return policy: You may return any unwanted items within five days of receipt using a prepaid shipping label.
  • Find out more: Dia Styling, Dia: How It Works

Gwynnie Bee

  • Type of clothing: Women’s plus-size clothing
  • How it works: Rent clothing in sizes 10 to 32, wear, and return them for a subscription fee. You also have the option to purchase any of the clothes you rent. All sales are final, and after you’ve either purchased or sent back one item, they’ll send you another rental item to refill your closet.
  • Fees: There is a 30-day free or discounted trial, and then the cost of your subscription depends on how many items you want to have shipped to you at a time. Learn more about Gwynnie Bee subscription plans.
  • Shipment frequency: As soon as your current rental has been shipped back, another package will be prepared to ship to you.
  • Return policy: Once you’re finished wearing them, return items using a prepaid shipping label. If you choose to purchase one of your rentals, then it is considered a final sale and returns are not accepted.
  • Find out more: Gwynnie Bee: How It Works, Gwynnie Bee Video Tutorials

Menlo Club (formerly called Five Four)

  • Type of clothing: Menswear
  • How it works: Take an online style quiz that provides information about your size and style preferences. You’ll receive two to three curated items per month and get 25% off any other purchases you make in the Menlo House store.
  • Fees: There is a $60 monthly membership fee.
  • Shipment frequency: Menlo Club offers monthly shipments with the option to pause your membership for up to three months without being charged.
  • Return policy: No returns or refunds are allowed. You may exchange an item but only for issues relating to size.
  • Find out more: Menlo Club FAQs

Stitch Fix

  • Type of clothing: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • How it works: Sign up and fill out an online profile providing information about your size, body type, lifestyle, and budget. Choose the date you’d like to receive your shipment, and a stylist will select items based on the information in your style profile.
  • Fees: A $20 styling fee is applied to each order. It can be used as a credit toward anything you keep from that shipment. If you buy all five items in the shipment, you get 25% off the entire purchase.
  • Shipment frequency: You may sign up for frequent automatic deliveries or request deliveries as you need or want them.
  • Return policy: Returns must be mailed back within three days of receiving your package. You may send them back using a prepaid shipping label. You’ll only be charged for the items you keep.
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  • Type of clothing: Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories and makeup
  • How it works: Take an online quiz to establish your size, fit, and style preferences. Then have a stylist hand-pick five to seven items to be shipped right to your door.
  • Fees: A $20 styling fee is applied to each order. If you keep anything from the order, the styling fee will be credited towards the purchase.
  • Shipment frequency: You may sign up for frequent, automatic shipments or choose to schedule your shipments manually.
  • Return policy: You have five days to review your order and select anything that you would like to return, using a prepaid shipping label. You’ll be charged only for what you keep.
  • Find out more: Wantable FAQ

In Summary

Trunk Club is a clothing delivery service offering the convenience of a personal stylist and clothing delivered right to your door. There’s a $25 styling fee applied to each shipment, but it’s credited back toward anything you choose to purchase from that shipment. Trunk Club is not a subscription service, meaning you may receive shipments as frequently or infrequently as you’d like. In addition to Trunk Club, there are many other popular clothing delivery services to choose from, including Bombfell, DailyLook, Dia & Co, Menlo Club, Gwynnie Bee, Stitch Fix, and Wantable.