Turning Rotors: AutoZone? Answered

Does AutoZone turn rotors/Does AutoZone resurface rotors? No, AutoZone doesn’t turn/resurface rotors, replace rotors, turn or replace brake drums, or replace brake pads or shoes. However, AutoZone does sell the parts required to complete these brake service jobs yourself. Nationwide service chains that turn rotors and more include Jiffy Lube and O’Reilly Auto Parts. We have all the details about those places.

Does AutoZone Turn Rotors?

AutoZone does not turn rotors, an AutoZone corporate customer service representative and store associates from several locations confirmed. AutoZone also does not replace rotors, turn or replace brake drums, or replace brake pads. One of the store associates we spoke to said brake services aren’t offered in-store due to safety concerns.

AutoZone does sell replacement rotors, brake drumsbrake pads, and other parts to maintain your brakes yourself. And, on AutoZone’s website, you can find repair guides to help you with things like rotor removal, installation, and inspection.

Alternately, as we’ve reported, O’Reilly Auto Parts stores turn rotors and brake drums at select locations. You can also purchase replacement parts at O’Reilly.

Rotor resurfacing, also known as turning rotors, refers to machining the rotor to remove any debris or rough spots to prevent further warping or grinding. Turning rotors allows for smoother braking and can keep your brakes in working order longer. However, in some cases replacing the rotors may be more cost-effective than resurfacing them due to the higher labor costs associated with turning rotors, according to NAPA.

If you have drum brakes instead of disc brakes, you can turn the drum for the same effect as turning the rotor — but you should replace the drum if any major damage is present.

Other Places That Offer Brake Services

AutoZone does not turn rotors but its website has a locator to help you find a repair shop near you. Below, are a few nationwide auto service providers that will turn rotors and drums, replace rotors and drums, and replace brake pads. For a full list of options, see our article: Where to Get Rotors Turned.

Firestone Complete Auto Care

  • Services offered: Caliper and cylinder installation, drum or rotor resurfacing, fluid exchange, inspections, and brake pad replacement
  • Pricing: Varies; contact your nearest Firestone for details

Jiffy Lube

Note: Not all Jiffy Lube locations offer brake services.

  • Services offered: Anti-lock brake diagnostics and repair; brake fluid flushing; caliper, cylinder, drum, hardware, hose, pad, and rotor replacement and installation; brake cleaning and adjustment; and drum and rotor resurfacing.
  • Pricing: Varies; contact your nearest Jiffy Lube for details

O’Reilly Auto Parts

Note: Not all O’Reilly locations offer brake services.

Pep Boys

  • Services offered: Brake fluid exchange, brake inspection, brake lathe service, drum or rotor resurfacing, hardware replacement, and brake pad replacement
  • Pricing: Varies; contact your nearest Pep Boys for details

In Summary

AutoZone does not resurface or replace rotors, replace brake pads, or turn drums. Nationwide auto service providers like Jiffy Lube, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Pep Boys do offer brake maintenance and replacement services. For more information on car maintenance, see our articles: Flywheel Resurfacing near Me: AutoZone, Midas, Mechanics, etc and NAPA vs. AutoZone: Which Is the Better Auto Parts Retailer? Answered and Does AutoZone Do Oil Changes?

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