Turo vs Getaround (As an Owner or Renter): Cost/Income, Eligibility, etc

Man driving a rental car from Turo or Getaround

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Peer-to-peer transportation businesses have become increasingly popular in recent years. Turo (formerly RelayRides) and Getaround are two car sharing services that offer drivers a unique alternative to traditional car rental companies. Thanks to these companies, drivers can get more bang for their buck, while car owners can rent out their vehicle and pocket some much-appreciated cash.

In this article, we’ll look at the similarities and differences between the two companies so you can determine which one to use, whether you’re renting a car or renting out your car. It’s Turo vs Getaround, Getaround vs Turo… it’s time to compare and contrast.

Renting a Car: Turo vs Getaround


  • Renter Eligibility: Must be at least 21. See more about eligibility requirements on Turo’s Terms of Service page.
  • How to Sign Up: You must sign up in advance using your Facebook, Google account, or email address and provide information that will allow Turo to verify your identity. Once your identity has been verified, you’ll be able to book a car.
  • How it Works: You provide your travel dates and location, and Turo will provide you with a list of cars that you can rent. Some cars are available to be booked instantly. Other car owners have up to eight hours to respond to your request. Once you’ve booked the car, all you have to do is get to it. Many drivers on Turo offer delivery, so you can ask them to bring the car to you. When your rental time is over, gas up the car and return it to the owner at the specified meeting place.
  • How Much it Costs: Cars are listed on Turo with a daily rental rate. You’ll be paying the same price whether you need the car for two hours or twelve. This price can range from around $20 per day for a sedan to around $1,000 for luxury cars such as Maserati’s and Lamborghini’s.
  • Pickup options: Generally, renters pick up the car at the address listed. Some owners offer delivery within a certain radius. Owners decide delivery distance and set their own price for it.
  • Mileage Included: Owners set the mileage limits for each car, but they are at least 100 miles per day.
  • Where the Service Is Available: Turo is available in over 4,500 cities and 300 airports in the United States, Canada, and the UK.
  • Rent a vehicle on Turo’s website


  • Renter Eligibility: Must be at least 19 years old (or 25 if renting a specialty vehicle); have no major violations or alcohol/drug related incidents in the past three/seven years; have no more than two violations or accidents combined in the last three years; and have been licensed for at least two years. Drivers under 21 must have a clean driving record for the past three years. Learn more on the Getaround Eligibility Requirements page.
  • How it Works: Once you’ve signed up, you’ll see a list of cars that are available to rent and where you can pick them up. Rentals can be made on a daily or hourly basis, so if you just need a car to run some errands, you’re not locked into a higher daily rate.
  • How Much it Costs: Rates can be as low as $5 per hour depending on the time and location. The highest price is not specified, but the price filter on their search function goes to $152 and up. Daily prices appear to start around $50.
  • Pickup options: Cars will be parked either in designated Getaround parking spaces or in street parking within .25 miles to the address listed on your rental form.
  • Mileage Included: 20 miles for every hour you rent, and up to 200 miles per day for standard cars. Luxury cars have a limit of half that. Beyond your allotted mileage, you will need to pay $0.50 per mile for standard cars, or $5.00 per mile for luxury cars.
  • Where the Service Is Available: Parts of California, Oregon, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. 
  • How to Sign Up: The identity verification takes only sixty seconds, so you can sign up in a pinch if you need to. To aid in identity verification, users are required to have a Facebook account.
  • Rent a vehicle on Getaround’s website

Renting Your Car to Others: Turo vs Getaround

If you own a car and you want to earn some extra cash when you’re not using it, you can list your car for others to rent on Turo and Getaround.


  • Pricing: Owners can set their own prices or allow Turo to automatically set the price for them, based on the value of the car, the day of the week, the season, and other data. Rental prices are per-day.
  • How Much Can I Earn? You’ll earn between 65% and 85% of the price that the car rents for, depending on what level of insurance you opt for. Turo estimates that you can earn $6,500 per year if you rent a $20,000 car out for fifteen days each month.
  • How Do I Get Paid? All of Turo’s payments are made within five days of the rental.
  • How Do They Screen Renters? Turo requires each potential traveler to submit documentation to verify their identity. The company says that they screen travelers but does not specify how or for what. Additionally, renters and travelers can submit and read reviews about others. Turo users are encouraged to only rent to people they feel comfortable meeting in person after reviewing all available information.
  • Rental Car Requirements: Passenger cars must have fewer than 130,000 miles and be 2005 models or newer. Specialty cars older than model year 1990 that are in excellent condition may also be approved. Learn more about rental car requirements on Turo’s List Your Car page.
  • List your vehicle


  • Pricing: You set the price for your own car. Rental prices can be per-day or per-hour. Because Getaround allows hourly rentals in addition to daily rentals, when you list your car, you can set availability for any time of the day (or night) you’re not using it. Renters will be able to unlock the vehicle by using the Getaround app. You can set a repeating schedule based on your driving habits so you don’t have to manually note when you’re not using your car.
  • How Much Can I Earn? Getaround takes a 40% commission on each rental. The company estimates that you can earn as much as $10,000 each year.
  • How Do I Get Paid? Getaround makes payments on a monthly basis.
  • How Do They Screen Renters? Getaround automatically connects with users’ Facebook accounts to verify identity, works with the DMV of each state to ensure good driver history, checks with the credit bureau, and screens using other unspecified means.
  • Rental Car Requirements: All vehicles must be private passenger vehicles that are model year 2006 or newer, with fewer than 125,000 miles. Learn more about rental car requirements on How to share on Getaround page.
  • List your vehicle

Note: As a bonus, when you list your car on Getaround, you’ll get a $50 monthly credit on Getaround to use if you’d like to take someone else’s car for a spin.

 Insurance Coverage: Turo vs Getaround

Both Turo and Getaround provide insurance for car owners when renting out their vehicles.


Turo offers three insurance plans when you rent out your car. Both companies roll the cost of insurance into their commission rate:

Basic: The basic level of insurance offers $1 million in liability protection, $125,000 in damage protection for your car, and a $3,000 deductible.

Standard: The standard plan has a $0 deductible and offers you a replacement vehicle while yours is repaired.

Premium: The premium package gives you wear and tear coverage and protects against the lost rental income should your car be damaged.

All plans cover physical damage to your car “for collision and most comprehensive causes, including theft.”


Getaround offers one level of insurance, which covers liability, property damage, collision, theft, and uninsured motorist protection. The insurance policy offers $1 million in protection, and the company also offers 24/7 roadside assistance included with any rental.

In Summary

While both Turo and Getaround provide a convenient car-sharing service to those looking to rent — or rent out — a car, each has its own unique strengths. Turo offers lower daily rates for a standard car than Getaround, as well as rental car delivery, in some cases. However, Getaround offers hourly rentals and an easy verification process that can get you through the rental process in minutes. Both companies allow vehicle owners to set the price for their rentals, and both include comprehensive auto insurance. Turo sends payments to owners within a few days, while Getaround pays on a monthly basis.


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