U-Haul Price Match Policy Explained

U-Haul pickup trucks in a lot

Short Answer

U-Haul offers price matching on one-way truck and trailer rentals. It will match any competitor, but the quote must include a truck or trailer of the same size U-Haul offers, and with the same rental details (such as date and distance).

U-Haul Price Match Policy

U-Haul offers price matching, but only for one-way truck and trailer rentals, several customer service representatives told us. There are no restrictions on which companies’ prices U-Haul will match, but there are a few other conditions.

To get a price match at U-Haul, you’ll need to present a competitor’s quote for the same size truck or trailer. The quote will need to include the same rental dates and cities.

Bring the competitor’s quote to your nearest U-Haul location for it to be verified. For online booking, you can contact customer service for price-match assistance. You’ll be able to email your quote to the customer service agent in order to verify the new price.

Price matching is not offered for in-town rentals, which are picked up and dropped off at a single location. However, there are no minimum mileage restrictions on one-way rentals, so you can pick up and drop off at two different locations in the same city or metro area to qualify for a price match.

U-Haul offers moving and storage services, including packing supplies, vehicle rentals, U-Box storage containers, and storage units. There are more than 21,000 U-Haul locations across the U.S. and Canada.

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