U-Haul Student Discount Policy Explained (+ Other Discounts)

U-Haul moving truck on the street

U-Haul does not offer a student discount, U-Haul customer service representatives in California, Georgia, Kansas, Montana, and Texas said.

Below we’ve listed other moving truck companies that do offer student discounts, plus other ways to save at U-Haul.

Similar Companies That Offer Student Discounts

A few other truck rental companies do offer student discounts.

These include:

  • Budget Truck Rental: 20% discount for in-town moves or 15% discount for one-way moves
  • Penske: 10% discount on all truck rentals; Penske also offers unlimited mileage for one-way moving truck rentals and no underage surcharges for drivers under 24.

Other Ways to Save at U-Haul

One way to save at U-Haul is to check the “Discounts” section of the U-Haul website for current promotions and coupons.

U-Haul also offers price matching, but only for one-way truck and trailer rentals. See our research on U-Haul’s price matching policy for more details.

U-Haul also offers a storage and shipping service for college students called Collegeboxes. You can’t rent a moving truck through this service, but you can have items shipped, delivered, and stored.

For more on moving services, see our research on companies that offer one-way moving truck and trailer rentals and long-distance moving truck companies.

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