Does U-Haul Have Unlimited Miles? U-Haul Unlimited Miles Policy

Does U-Haul have unlimited miles? No, unlimited mileage is not offered on U-Haul truck rentals. Local moves are charged per mile and one-way moving rates include a predetermined mileage limit. U-Haul charges a rate of $0.40 per mile over the mileage limit. For more information about U-Haul’s rental policies, see below.

Does U-Haul Have Unlimited Miles?

U-Haul does not offer unlimited miles on truck rentals, according to the company’s website. Local moves are charged a set amount for the rental period, plus a charge per mile. The price for a one-way move is based on truck size, the city you are renting in, your destination, and the date of your move. The total price will include a set number of days for you to complete the move, as well as a predetermined mileage allowance. Once the mileage limit is reached, you will be charged $0.40 per additional mile. Trucks used for one-way moves are turned in at a U-Haul location in the destination city.

In Summary

There is no U-Haul unlimited miles plan. For more on truck rentals, see our article: One Way Cargo Van and Small Truck Rentals (Some with Unlimited Mileage). If you’re still set on U-Haul, find out if U-Haul gives a student discount.

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