UNIQLO Price Match Policy Explained (+ Other Ways to Save)

Does UNIQLO price match? UNIQLO does not price match online or in-store. The UNIQLO clothing brand is only carried in its own retail stores and on its website — and its stores don’t stock any other clothing brands. Find out more about UNIQLO’s price matching policy below.

UNIQLO Price Match Policy

UNIQLO does not offer price matching in its stores or through its website, according to our communication with the company. UNIQLO does not have a price match policy because the company’s clothing and accessories are sold only in UNIQLO stores and on UNIQLO.com. Its retail locations do not stock any other fashion brands, the representative said. Price matching in retail stores is sometimes available when a competing store has a lower price on the same or similar item. (For information on price matching at a related store brand, see our article on Shopbop’s price match policy.)

Ways to Save at UNIQLO

While UNIQLO does not price match, there are a few ways you can save at the fashion retailer:

  • UNIQLO offers price adjustments when an item recently purchased in-store goes on sale, customer service told us. Price adjustments are available for items discounted within 14 days of purchase. To get a price adjustment, bring your original receipt to the store. Price adjustments are not available for online purchases.
  • Sign up for UNIQLO promotional emails and get $10 off your first online purchase of $75 or more.
  • Download the UNIQLO app (available from the App Store or Google Play) and get an instant coupon for $3 off, plus $5 off every time you make a purchase through the app.
  • Save 10% on bulk orders from UNIQLO. A bulk order is any order of multiples of the same or similar items totaling $1,000 or more.

In Summary

Because UNIQLO fashions and accessories are unique to the company’s own stores and website, it does not have a price match policy. You can, however, save money when you shop at UNIQLO by signing up for promotional emails and making a purchase through UNIQLO’s app.

Keep in mind, when purchasing from UNIQLO, keep the tags on if you’re undecided about your purchase. Why? See our article on stores that allow returns without tags — and those that don’t.