Can You Get an Unlimited Mileage Lease? Lease Mileage Limits Explained

Audi car driving on a highway

You generally can’t lease a car with unlimited miles. Leases include mileage limits to protect the value of the vehicle for the dealership. Driving more miles puts more wear on the vehicle and reduces its value.[1]

While you can’t get an unlimited mileage lease, the number of miles included in your lease is somewhat customizable. You may qualify for a high-mileage lease that will allow you to drive up to 30,000 miles per year.[2][3] Keep in mind that your exact limit and excess mileage fees will vary depending on the vehicle brand and the terms you negotiate. Our table below details the typical mileage limits at major car brands.

At the end of a lease, you have the option to purchase the vehicle rather than returning it to the dealer, and dealers often waive excess mileage fees if you choose to buy the vehicle.[4][5][6]

Note that dealers may also advertise “unlimited mileage” warranties[7][8][9] — but this only means that certain maintenance and repair services will be covered at any mileage level, not that you can drive unlimited miles on a leased vehicle without penalty.

Lease Mileage Policies by Company

We contacted the following companies’ corporate customer service departments and dealership representatives to confirm that they do not offer unlimited mileage leases. See the table below for information about each company’s usual mileage limits.


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