Is There a UPS Photo Printing Service? Availability Explained

Exterior of a UPS Store building

UPS does not offer photo printing services other than passport and ID photos.[1]

When getting or renewing passport or identification card, a UPS Store associate can take your photo with the appropriate specifications and print it on-site.[1][2]

This service is available at most UPS Store locations; you might want to call ahead to your nearest store to check availability and schedule an appointment.

The UPS Store also offers other printing services, such as banners, business cards, catalogs, and postcards.[3] However, you can’t print personal photos from a digital camera or cell phone at the UPS Store.

Other Places That Print Photos

Several national chains offer photo printing services in-store, including:

  • Walmart (as previously reported)
  • CVS (as previously reported)
  • Walgreens[4]
  • Office Depot[5]
  • Vons (as previously reported)

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